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All men should be aware of their prostate health, even more so as they get older. Learn one way to keep your prostate in top shape.

Is PEMF Prostate Treatment Possible?

The prostate gland is crucial for male reproductive health; issues like inflammation can impair function. PEMF treatment may alleviate symptoms.

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Lyme disease can impact your joints and hinder your ability to move around and perform regular, daily activities

How to Receive PEMF Lyme Treatment

Lyme disease can severely affect joints, organs, and nerves if undetected. A PEMF device from HealthyLine may offer symptom relief.

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Holistic healing is an alternative form of healing that focuses on the wellness of the entire body

What is Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing might sound like a supernatural form of medicine to some. However, it is a very real form of healing that takes the entirety of a person into account. The idea behind holistic healing is that balance is needed to achieve the highest levels of health. A person with an illness would then be perceived to have an imbalance either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Here will explore the topic of holistic healing in depth so you can decide on holistic healing for yourself. What are the Principles of Holistic Healing? As defined by the Academy of Integrative Health &...

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Tourmaline-Amethyst-Obsidian-TAO-Mat®-Small-1818-Photon-Matrix-PEMF-InfraMat-Pro® (1)

What Works as a Lightweight PEMF Device?

While constantly on the go, it’s not uncommon to experience any kind of discomfort. Whether you feel tired, experience muscle aches, or are simply stressed, it can often be hard to focus on and treat your discomfort. Luckily there are some devices designed not only to help with pain, but be lightweight enough to bring with you on-the-go to fight discomfort whenever it arises. One example of these products is a lightweight PEMF device! Pulsed electromagnetic fields, or PEMF, has been demonstrated through studies to provide a litany of benefits to those who use it regularly. However, it can be...

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