far-infrared heating mats
lined with natural gemstones

used for wellness management and temporary relief of minor pain

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HealthyLine offers the world’s widest variety of affordable high-quality Far-Infrared heating mats

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Enhance Your Wellness Naturally



Use the InfraMat Pro™ for:

Massage Therapy
enhance your deep-tissue, SOOTHE YOUR MUSCLES
PROMOTE WELLNESS with far-infrared therapy
Yoga and Reiki
REPLENISH your energy post-workout


for your home, spa, or medical facility

When Far-Infrared light penetrates the skin, tissue is stimulated on a cellular level.  FIR therapy promotes better wellness by activating the body’s circulatory and respiratory systems.

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nasaMost recently, NASA used Far-Infared light to successfully reduce the painful side effects from Radiation and Chemotherapy for cancer
patients read their press release.

  • Relaxes sore muscles
  • Improves local circulation where applied
  • Rejuvenates and energizes
  • Reduces inflammation

in 1 mat

  1. Hot Stone Therapy
  2. Far Infrared Therapy
  3. Negative Ion Therapy
  4. PEMF Therapy
  5. Photon Therapy
How Does It Make You Feel?

“Ive had chronic back pain for 15 years now.  I just had back surgery, a lower laminectomy.  The mat has helped relieved a lot of my pain in lieu of medication.  I lay on it at night and fall asleep on it.  It’s not just a heating pad, you feel it deep in your tissue, throughout your whole body.”

Michael D

“I’ve had multiple car accidents and as a result Ive had lots of soreness, stiff muscles, and arthritis. After babysitting my 15 month old grandson, I was looking for relief. After I laid on the InfraMat Pro for 30 minutes, I cannot begin to tell you how fabulous I felt. It’s like a full-body massage. No more stiffness. feel revitalized.”

Debbie J

“I have Fibromyalgia.  I wanted to feel better, but do it naturally.  Then I found the Healthy Line heating pad and now I’m back.  I’m me again. If you sit on the mat for half an hour a day, it can change your world.”

Tina G

“I sit at a desk most of the day and when my pain was at its worst I had trouble getting out of my chair.  After using the InfraMat Pro, I’m almost pain free.  I can do just about anything I used to do.  You feel relaxed in a way that goes all the way through your body.”

Joanne L

The Best Far-Infrared Mat on the Market
How does the InfraMat Pro™ stack up against the Biomat?
Mat Types
How many different types of Far-Infrared mats?

Over 100


Stone Types
How many different types of stones are offered?


(Amethyst, Jade, Tourmaline, Obsidian and much more)


(Amethyst, Tourmaline)

Photon Therapy
Is Photon Therapy offered?


(on selected mats)


Negative Ions
How many Negative Ions per cubic centimeter?

Up to 3000

Negative ions per CC

Up to 3000

Negative ions per CC

Lifetime Warranty on Stones
What if my stones are damaged?


Repair fees after 1 year

Direct Sales and Support
Are product and sales teams integrated to provide best support?

We produce and sell our mats

Do not sell their own mats. Relies on Multi-Level Marketing sales force.

Price Range
Are the mats affordable?



Average Price for Full Size Mat
How much is a mat for my bed or massage table?



PEMF Therapy
Is Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy offered?


(on selected mats)


Money Back Guarantee
Can I buy a mat risk-free?


Days full refund guarantee

7-30 days

The InfraMat Pro™ is made with 3 Types of Natural Gemstones