Revolutionizing Heat Therapy Devices

The Inframat Pro® – Personal and Professional
far infrared gemstone mats designed for
wellness and pain management

Wellness Rocks

Your wellness is essential to your happiness. Amethyst, tourmaline, and jade each have a long history within alternative medicine for their abilities to facilitate recovery and strength. When combined with heat therapy, these gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions, natural therapies that improve your body’s overall wellness levels.


  • Produces the highest amount of negative ions
  • Revitalizes your energy levels and detoxifies your body
  • Fragile in structure, potent in benefits


  • Emits a strong and steady flow of far infrared and negative ions
  • Promotes better wellness and a better quality of life
  • Comes in a crushed form that conforms well to the shape of your body


  • Helps the body function more efficiently by stabilizing your energy levels
  • Emits a low heat that produces a calming sensation good for meditation
  • Mined in China, then cut and polished to the ideal size found on your mat


  • Type of volcanic rock similar to Basalt, which is often used in hot stone massage sessions
  • Metaphysical properties shield against internal and external negativity
  • Assists in the cleansing of heavy metals

Better wellness comes naturally

Your wellness is yours to control and maintain.  By utilizing only natural therapies, you can maximize the benefits you receive without incorporating any worrisome side effects. Make an investment with an impact, and welcome wellness into your life.

Relax yourself with Hot Stone Therapy:

Heating the gemstones will replicate the same kind of experience many seek out from spas. Feeling hot stones against your skin relaxes your muscles and releases tension.

Improve your wellness with far infrared therapy:

Redefining “fun in the sun,” far infrared rays help you feel your best each day. They are type of light received daily from sunlight and when utilized for your wellness, temporarily increase your blood flow. Increase the flow of oxygen in your body and welcome more comfort into your daily life.

Clear your mind and body with negative ion therapy:

Don’t be fooled by the name, negative ions provide positive effects. In fact, a lack of them can cause headaches and sicknesses. Thanks to negative ion exposure, you can improve your energy levels, support your body in detoxification, and maintain a better quality of wellness.

Feel the frequency of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy:

Too much exposure to dirty electric currents creates a bad environment for your wellness. PEMF replicates and exposes you to the same natural magnetic field of the Earth to help the body maintain homeostasis. Your body is accustomed to this field and when exposed to it, operate smoothly.

Give your cells a breath of fresh air with Photon Light Therapy:

Shine a light on your pain. Photon light therapy uses visible red lights at a wavelength of 660 nanometers to treat slightly below the surface of your skin. Photon light therapy assists directly with the mitochondria, the part of the cell responsible for generating proteins and collagen. The new cells can destroy old cells, helping even further with detoxification and wellness.

Tested, trusted, and used by:

Doctors, Yoga Instructors, Chiropractors, Entrepreneurs, Reiki Masters, Acupuncturists, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Pharmacy Owners, and people seeking a better quality of wellness just like you.


Over 500,000 customers in more than 20 countries are using the Inframat Pro to attain new levels of wellness.

Jenn Gibbons MSTOM, LAc

“I have only been using the InfraMat Pro for a few months, I can already tell that it was worth the investment. All of my patients report an increase in well-being since integrating the mat into my treatments which often include de-stress acupuncture and massage.”

Debbie J

“I’ve had multiple car accidents and as a result, I’ve had lots of soreness, stiff muscles, and arthritis. After I laid on the InfraMat Pro for 30 minutes, I cannot begin to tell you how fabulous I felt. It’s like a full-body massage. No more stiffness.”

Michael D

“Ive had chronic back pain for 15 years now. I just had back surgery, a lower laminectomy. The mat has helped relieved a lot of my pain in lieu of medication. I lay on it at night and fall asleep on it. It’s not just a heating pad, you feel it deep in your tissue, throughout your whole body.

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Inframat Pro vs. Regular Heating Pads

Inframat Pro Regular Heating Pads
EMF-Free Yes No
Heat Therapy Yes Yes
Heat Distribution Even Snake pattern
Far Infrared Rays Yes No
Negative Ions Yes No
Hot Stone Therapy Yes No
PEMF Therapy Yes No
Photon Light Therapy Yes No
Natural Gemstone Yes No
Heat Penetration Deep tissue level Skin surface level
Controller with time setting Yes No
Set exact temperature to degree Yes No
Sleep on it Yes No
Number of Functional Layers 16+ 3
Foil blanket for sauna effect Yes No
Improve overall wellness Yes No
Made of high quality materials Yes No

Your wellness is worth it

These are the models that people rave the most about. Find out which one best fits your needs and order it today. Take advantage of our 45-day trial period, and see the difference a gemstone heat therapy mat can make in your life. Wellness is waiting, answer its call.

For any questions regarding our products or the information, reach out to us and we would be happy to assist you: 1 (888) 774-4422.