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What's The Story Behind 420?

Today is April 20th or as it is culturally known, 420. Today many people across the world will participate in the tradition of smoking marijuana, but how many people know why this date was chosen? The truth is 420’s origins had nothing to do with April 20th. History has it that 420 humbly began with a group of High School friends on a search for free marijuana. In the fall of 1971 five California teens of San Rafael, California learned of a Coast Guard Member who no longer could tend to his planted crop of marijuana. Armed with a map...

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22 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Walnuts

Walnuts are classified as nuts that come from the oldest tree in the world: the walnut tree. Not only do they have hard, outer shells that are extremely difficult to open, but walnuts also provide profound health benefits for your body. There are some of the many benefits that offered by walnuts. Walnuts Improve Your Artery Function Your body’s arteries are part of your circulatory system, which is responsible for circulating blood from your heart and then transporting it to the rest of your body. They are classified as specialized blood vessels. Because of their specific function, arteries play a...

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Science-Backed Benefits of Gemstone Mats Therapy

The use of gemstone heat therapy mats continues to grow in popularity for wellness management. People are turning to their power to facilitate better wellness for a wide variety of reasons. These mats are beneficial for anyone suffering from chronic pains, illnesses, or simply seeking to improve their overall wellness. There is a lot of appeal to these mats because they utilize entirely natural, complex therapies. Since they are natural, side effects are rare, and that is an enormous plus for people that suffer from chronic illnesses that require multiple medications just to manage. Each stone used in gemstone therapy...

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