Magnetic Energy Bracelets

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HealthyLine Magnetic Power Bracelets can be made out of several different materials including stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, and silicone. All different types function as both a practical item and a luxury piece of jewelry. Many bracelet models are available in both male and female sizing as well as gender-neutral sizing. You can find several color options and combinations including gold, silver, black, blue, and white. With over 50 different models ranging in price from $30-$80, there is a model for any and everybody. Our bracelets break down into two categories: 4-in-1 Energy and Magnetic Hematite. The 4-in-1 Energy bracelets have links built-in that provide magnets, negative ions, far infrared rays, and germanium that provide some wellness benefits while you wear them. The Hematite bracelets have 3000 milligauss static magnets that never run out of their charge. Magnetic therapy is extremely popular, creating an industry of over 1 billion dollars each year. Bracelets are an indirect form of therapy that can be worn for any duration of time. You can take them off whenever you want and put them on just the same. You can wear them in the pool or shower without worrying if you will damage them. Give your wellness a constant charge of magnetic energy with a HealthyLine Magnetic Power Bracelet.