Although we produce extremely durable products with a low defect rate and triple-stage quality control, we still provide warranty coverage.

All new mats made by HealthyLine™ have an automatic 365-day warranty. (See below for details.) Any valid proof of purchase—such as a PayPal record, credit card statement, store receipt, or invoice—is sufficient as proof of the date of purchase. If you do not have a proof of purchase, send us an e-mail with detailed information about your purchase and we will attempt to trace it. We keep complete records of worldwide sales on our site, so we can usually trace the history of every product sold.

If a product is defective, and the defects do not include physical damage caused by incorrect or negligent usage, within 365 days of receipt of the product, you may obtain a free replacement from HealthyLine™ (replacements may be new or refurbished depending on availability). To do so, you must first contact us ( and explain the problem in detail. If the product appears to have a manufacturing defect, we will ask you to ship it back to us for a free replacement. All HealthyLine™ products or accessories with manufacturing defects will be replaced for free. Unlike other companies, we do not charge a restocking fee. If the product you return to us does not appear to be defective or has clearly been damaged by the user, we will ship it back to you at your expense. Free shipping for defective items is provided for the continental 48 states; Hawaii, Alaska, and all other international customers will be responsible for shipping both ways for all replacements, exchanges, and returns.

If more than 365 days have passed since you received the product, the warranty will have expired, and you may not return the product to HealthyLine™. However, we are always willing to assist you in finding the best solution to any problem. In addition, you have lifetime Trade-In value of 50% of the value of your product towards a new purchase of same or higher value. In our Trade-In program, the condition of your mat doesn’t matter at all. It could be damaged or non-working. You still have 50% value in that product without time limitation.   If you have a working mat that is in good condition, you can submit that in for an upgrade at full value towards the purchase of another mat priced at 2x or more the price of the trade in. (Note: Duvets, covers, and bracelets are not covered by this program)

For international orders, the customer is responsible for shipping both ways for any returns or exchanges, regardless of the reason.


For any returns, the shipping address is:


925 Shepherd Ave,

Brooklyn, NY 11208