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Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, otherwise known as PEMF therapy, has shown immense promise in the area of holistic healing. A form of invasive treatment, PEMF therapy has been touted as a suitable replacement for traditional pain medication. Magnetic therapy in general has been used in one form or another for centuries. But what is PEMF treatment, and how does it benefit you specifically? 

Here we will explore the origins of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, its advancements, and how to use it in order to achieve the results you want.

How Did PEMF Therapy Get Started?

PEMF treatment came together and was primarily used as a method to treat racehorses. But now it’s finding a new purpose in treating people!

PEMF treatment came together and was primarily used as a method to treat racehorses. But now it’s finding a new purpose in treating people!

The roots of PEMF treatment started out as a simple form of magnetic therapy. The act of gliding magnets across your body was said to ‘unlock’ certain parts of your body, promoting wellness by reinvigorating the cells in the local area. However, over time magnetic therapy has seen many advancements, one of which added an electrical aspect to the therapy, not unlike how our own molecules and atoms produce electromagnetic fields of their own.

Both magnetic therapy and electrotherapy have existed for a while in their own right. However, the combination of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy would not be recognized as a feasible method of treatment by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) until the late 1990s. Research into PEMF ramped up during the 1950s. While the first PEMF machines were made available for purchase during the 1970s, the main applications for PEMF therapy were primarily focused on animals, specifically racehorses in this instance. PEMF treatment was used to treat injured racehorses with great success. It was only a matter of time until PEMF was considered for human treatment.


What is PEMF Treatment?

PEMF treatment can help to soothe muscles and joints, alleviate pain, promote healing, and so much more!

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a method of pain relief that non-invasively impacts your cells directly. The idea behind PEMF treatment is that the electromagnetic fields of the  cells can be stimulated to influence your overall health. PEMF therapy can be used to help with multiple forms of ailments. A PEMF device can be used to help alleviate muscle and joint pain, boosting the body’s process of recovery from injury or strenuous activity. 

It is important that we understand the distinction between PEMF therapy and magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy, otherwise known as static magnetic therapy, utilizes magnets that give off a constant magnetic field. There is no way to alter the field given off by a static magnet, and in many instances the magnetic field is extremely weak (especially compared to PEMF) and does not have an impact on the body.

On the other hand, electromagnetic devices are more complex. They are typically created when a ferromagnetic core (materials that are naturally magnetic) is wrapped in wiring and electricity is added through the wire, thus creating a magnetic field. Depending on the electric voltage, electromagnetic devices can be extremely more powerful, but PEMF therapy is not considered dangerous and uses a safe level of magnetic strength. Also, because electricity of the coils can be controlled, the magnetic field that is released can also be manipulated for health and wellness purposes.


What are the Benefits of PEMF Treatment?

PEMF treatment can help you regain motion in your body. It can also be a viable replacement for pain management drugs, which can help you avoid unwanted side effects and dependency issues.

There are many benefits to using PEMF therapy, the first being pain relief. As mentioned earlier, PEMF therapy can help to alleviate muscle pain and joint pain. However, PEMF therapy can do so much more. PEMF therapy can help individuals dealing with arthritis. Both the pain and the stiffness associated with arthritis can be mitigated through the use of PEMF. 

PEMF can also be used to help relieve headaches and migraines. The major benefit here is that PEMF therapy has the potential to be used as a supplement or even a full replacement for physical drugs and painkillers. Some forms of pain can be chronic and require constant monitoring and medication. While, traditionally, physical drugs took care of your pain, they also had the issue of becoming addictive. PEMF therapy has no side effects to speak of and is considered an effective and safe alternative to over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Other benefits of using PEMF therapy include increased local circulation, which further promotes recovery of an injury. Another benefit involves an increase in range of motion. Over time, using a systematic plan for PEMF therapy can help to deal with diabetic symptoms and also help to bring about nerve repair.


Where Can You Receive PEMF Treatment?

The perfect combination of convenience and wellness, the Platinum Mat™ Full 7224 Firm - Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro® brings you adjustable PEMF therapy with four more natural therapies included.

If you’re looking for a solution to chronic pain, you might be interested in a PEMF device. But what should you look for in a PEMF device? Many PEMF devices have varying degrees of success and functionality. HealthyLine has added PEMF therapy to our mats in order to heighten the level of wellness you receive simply by lying on the surface of one of our mats!

A mat that offers PEMF treatment is the Platinum Mat™ Full 7224 Firm – Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro®. The Platinum Mat 7224 offers a powerful level of PEMF therapy with the convenience of a home based device. It allows you to fully customize the PEMF frequency, intensity, pulse duration, and shape waveform to let you create over a billion combinations of PEMF! 

The Platinum Mat 7224 also includes four other natural therapies that can help to supplement PEMF therapy. Each of these extra therapies can be controlled independently in order to uniquely regulate your wellness sessions. Heated stone therapy can help to soothe and relieve muscles and joints. Along with far infrared therapy and PEMF, our mat takes pain relief to a whole new level. You can even control the temperature of the heat, allowing you to rest comfortably while treating your body

Other therapies are included in the Platinum Mat 7224, such as negative ion therapy and photon light therapy. Negative ion therapy allows for harmful free radicals inside the body to be nullified, creating benefits like a clearer mind, better oxygen flow, and the ability to fight off headaches. Photon light therapy has the ability to help deal with depression symptoms, regenerate nerves, and even improve your skin. In addition to the wonderful benefits of PEMF treatment, four supplementary therapies combine to improve the level of overall wellness you enjoy. 

In Conclusion

PEMF treatment can do so many wonderful things for you if added to your wellness regimen. It can improve your circulation where applied. It can promote faster levels of healing and recovery. It can help alleviate the symptoms of migraines. It can even soothe your muscles and joints without the extreme temperatures of heat and cryotherapy. PEMF therapy offers a myriad of benefits that can put you on the right track towards achieving your wellness goals in a safe, effective, and holistic manner. 

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