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Whether you're a massage therapist or a chiropractor, your patients deserve the best healing experience. Take advantage of our Affiliate Partner Program or Reseller Program to help grow your business and provide clients with advanced far-infrared technology.

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Business Owners Can Enhance Their Business

Whether you decide to be a HealthyLine Reseller or Affiliate Partner, business owners of companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from partnering with HealthyLine. As manufacturers of the most advanced far-infrared and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy gemstone mats, we can provide your clients with the much-needed relief they are looking for.

This unique opportunity is for massage therapists, spa owners, personal trainers, doctors, pharmacy owners, chiropractors, yoga teachers, and any healthcare practitioner. If you feel like giving back to your clients while earning money then our Affiliate and Reseller Programs are right for you.

What Being an Affiliate Partner and Reseller Comes With


Improved Sales

As a HealthyLine Affiliate Partner, for every product a client purchases with your special affiliate code through our website you earn a commission. As a HealthyLine Reseller, every product you purchase at a lower rate you can sell at a higher rate to your clients.


Word of Mouth

Experience the benefit of advertising when people spread awareness based on their experiences. As an Affiliate Partner or Reseller, you’ll spread the word and good fortune.


Happy Customers

Happy clients mean more clients. The better service you can provide to your clients, the better results you will see with business growth and development.


New Products

As an Affiliate Partner or Reseller, be the first in line to have our newest products. You’ll receive exclusive alerts about sales and opportunities.


Expanded Network

Connecting with us is the first step to growing your business. Increase your network of associates and earn more for yourself.


Spread Good Health

It all comes down to promoting healthy living. That is our mission; it should be your mission, too. Together we can help people around the world heal.

How Being an Affiliate Partner Works



Let us know that you’re interested in becoming a HealthyLine Affiliate Partner. You can do that by signing up here.


Receive Your Affiliate Code and Link

After your account is approved and activated by accepting the terms and conditions, selecting your method of payment (to be paid) you will receive your welcome email with your affiliate codes & link.


Share Your Link

Once someone makes a purchase using your link, you’ve earned your first commission must reach the $200 threshold and mature 60 days before any payments will be made


Connect and Track Sales

We’re here for you. That’s why we offer easy sales tracking when you use your affiliate dashboard. If you need help, we’re here for you.

How Being a Reseller Works



Let us know that you’re interested in becoming a HealthyLine Reseller. You can do that by signing up ​here.


Make Your First Purchase

Once we’ve approved your membership, you can log in on our site and get your 20% (or more) discount on any product.


Track Your Sales

You’ll have access to a sales dashboard so you can track your orders and  milestones.



We’re here for you. We’ll help you grow your business and provide personalized support.

The Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate Partner 

The benefits of becoming an Affiliate Partner are numerous, spanning from growing your business to helping your clients reach their wellness potential. As a business owner with a focus on wellness, you can see how our products can help enhance your sessions or offer clients more aid in their recovery. Our devices can be used to help relieve joint and muscle pain, stress, as well as aid in detoxification, and much more.

With the Affiliate Partner Program, you can earn a commission rate of 20%. Since our products cost on average $700, you could potentially earn $140 on every sale! There’s limitless potential for what you can do to help earn a commission and improve the wellness of your clients.  


The Benefits of Becoming a Reseller 

You love our products; you’ll love this opportunity. We offer business owners the chance to earn money as a Reseller. By selling our products, you can easily earn money, hassle-free. 

As a reseller, you can purchase products for 20% off (sometimes 25% off!). That discount is applied at the point of purchase; you can then sell the product for whatever price you like (within reason) and start earning money off of your savings. 

We handle all of the shipping, including paying for it. That means you can advertise “free shipping” to your clients. Save money, make money! It’s that easy.


Why Choose HealthyLine

HealthyLine is a leader in the health industry, offering revolutionary products to improve wellness using natural gemstone heat therapy. Whether your clients suffer from severe arthritis or simply want to improve the way their body feels on a daily basis, they can find relief in our expertly designed products. 

As a business owner or entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry, you can use our products to enhance your sessions or offer them to your clients to aid in their recovery. There’s unlimited potential for what you can do to help earn a commission, grow your business, and improve the health of your clients.  

Once you have been approved as either an Affiliate Partner of a Reseller, you can begin helping us on our mission of promoting a healthier world one person at a time.



Promotional literature


Informational Posters


Social Media Marketing


Sales Analytics Tools


Your Personal HealthyLine Representative


Help With Integrating Your Own Sales Website

Who We Work With

Since our goal is to spread wellness with our amazing products, we partner with entrepreneurs, spa owners, personal trainers, and business owners like you. We understand that as an entrepreneur, you are always looking for a way to grow your business. That's why we strive to work with you every step of the way on your journey. Whether you decide to become an Affiliate Partner or a Reseller, we will work with you to enhance your business so you can earn money easily.

If you sign up as an Affiliate or Reseller, you will not only form a great partnership but grow your business, too.

We work with a ton of business owners like you; this includes, but is not limited to:



Spa Owners


Personal Trainers




Pharmacy Owners


Massage Therapists




Yoga Teachers


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Become an Affiliate Partner or Reseller and grow your business like never before with our technologically advanced heated gemstone devices. Now's the time to jump-start your business.

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