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With our Affiliate Partner program, you earn a commission on every product you sell to your clients. No strings attached.

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    HealthyLine is a leader in the health industry, offering revolutionary products to improve wellness using natural gemstone heat therapy. Our innovative devices can be used to help treat headaches, chronic pain and even sleeping problems. 

    As a business owner or entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry, you can use our products to enhance your sessions or offer them to your clients to aid in their recovery. There’s unlimited potential for what you can do to help earn a commission, grow your business, and improve the health of your clients.  

    As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for a way to enhance your business. Whether you own a spa or wellness center, if you’re looking for a way to grow your business, the HealthyLine Affiliate Partnership Program is just for you.

    If you sign up for the HealthyLine Affiliate Partner Program, you will not only form a unique partnership but grow your business and earn money, too.

    Our mission at HealthyLine is to help people worldwide improve their standard of living by providing a quality tool for healthier living through natural healing! 

    Whether your client is suffering from persistent pain, has trouble relaxing, or just wants to get more shuteye, HealthyLine products are designed to enhance every aspect of the wellness journey, from pain relief to improved relaxation.

    Help spread the word! Join HealthyLine’s Affiliate Partner Program today and start earning money! 

    When you sign up for the Affiliate Partner Program, you will receive an initial email to set up your account. After setting up your account, you will receive a second email with your affiliate code and affiliate link, as well as details about how to start earning commission immediately.  

    You will receive two affiliate codes. 

    With the first affiliate code, referrals will earn free shipping when applied directly during the checkout process from the HealthyLine website, and you will earn 20% commission. The commission is payable 90 days after your affiliate account has reached $200. 

    The second affiliate code is an exclusive 10% savings for customers with free shipping, while you take home a 10% commission. The commission is payable 90 days after your affiliate account has reached $200.  

    We also offer an affiliate link which you can share on your website. If anyone purchases from your link, you will receive a commission. 

    Another opportunity is our wholesaler/dropshipping program, which offers a 30% commission. If you’re interested, please write Our Overstock Protection Policy states that any wholesaler may return an unused product after 12 months for a full refund.

    When selling online, you must follow our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) rule. You may not advertise a lower price than what is on You may, however, offer discounts, coupons provided, or incentives to your customers. 

    With your orders, feel free to request free posters, flyers, and booklets that you can hand out to prospective customers. 

    How do I start receiving money? 

    The commission is payable 90 days after your affiliate account has reached $200. To be paid for your commission, you must first enter your banking details on the Affiliate Dashboard, as well as fill out a W-9 form. We might need to collect the SSN or TAX-ID from your business before we pay any commission.

    Who do I contact if I need help?

    Our customer service team is extremely helpful. If any questions may arise please feel free to email or call 1-888-774-4422.

    How do I activate my account?

    Here’s how you can activate your account: 

    1. Log onto the site with your email address account.
    2. From your homepage, choose the affiliate dashboard tab located on the left side of the screen. 
    3. From affiliate home click “Edit Profile” and choose your payout method (PayPal or check).

    For more information about other opportunities to help enhance the growth of your business, please check out our terms of service.