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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the best way to show your mother how much they mean to you. Mother’s Day in general is a way of showing appreciation for your mother, so you want to give them a gift that matters! But finding the best Mother’s Day gift can sometimes be a little tricky. Everyone knows that flowers, jewelry, and clothes are some of the more common gifts, but at HealthyLine, we think that the ultimate gift is the gift of wellness!


Lucky for you, HealthyLine offers a wide range of products that can give your loved ones an improved state of health and wellness. From our heated gemstones mats, to our magnetic bracelets, and even to our energy comforters—we offer something for everyone, each of which can help you or your friends and family live a healthy and well-balanced life. 


And just when you think it can’t get any better, we’re currently offering a special Mother’s Day sale! So, read ahead to see the top gift ideas for Mother’s Day and why HealthyLine is the best way to help your loved ones live a healthier life!


Why Give the Gift of HealthyLine?

At HealthyLine, we like to say that there’s no better investment than in your health. And while that is true, it’s also true that there’s no better investment than in your family’s health! That’s why we think HealthyLine is truly the best gift you can give. But how can these products help improve wellness?


Well, we thought we’d explain in a few points what makes the therapies in our products so great for you and your loved ones’ health!


      Gemstone Therapy: Most of our products contain gemstones such as amethyst, jade, tourmaline and more to provide natural healing for your mind and body.

      Far Infrared Therapy: Far infrared heat is a form of heat that reaches deeper into the body than normal heat. This allows for muscle relaxation, helps with joint stiffness, improves circulation, and more!

      Negative Ion Therapy: Our gemstones also release a steady stream of negative ions. This helps improve respiratory function, oxygen flow, and further helps with circulation; leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

      Magnetic Therapy: Magnetic therapy is a natural way of treating pain, reducing tension, and improving your mood and energy levels!

      Photon Light Therapy: Photon lights are exclusive to our heated mats and help improve skin health to give users a radiant, healthy glow.

      PEMF Therapy: PEMF is a form of electromagnetic therapy that works by improving cells function at their most optimal level which, in turn, helps your whole body function at a more optimal level!


HealthyLine’s Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

HealthyLine offers a wide range of products that can offer a variety of health and wellness benefits, making it the perfect gift this Mother’s Day. So, let’s take a look at the best sale items that you can give to your mom to show her how much she means to you.

Chakra-Mat™ Large 7632 Firm – PEMF Inframat Pro® Rainbow Mat with Chakra Symbols – 25% Off!

Chakra-Mat™ Large 7632 Firm - PEMF Inframat Pro® Rainbow Mat with Chakra Symbols

The Chakra Mat combines 7 different gemstones that align with your inner chakra points to provide balance between your mind, body, and spirit. Aside from achieving inner peace, the mat also has far infrared heat, negative ion therapy, and PEMF therapy to relieve pain all throughout your body. 

Amethyst Belt Soft – Photon InfraMat Pro® – 25% Off! 

Amethyst Belt Soft - Photon InfraMat Pro®

This gemstone belt is the perfect gift to help target and treat lower back pain. The crushed amethyst provides a gentle surface, while the far infrared heat delivers relaxing heat deep into muscles. On the inside surface, the belt is also lined with Photon lights, giving you healthy, glowing skin!

Portable Heated Gemstone Pad – Knee Model with Power-Bank InfraMat Pro® 25% Off!

Portable Heated Gemstone Pad - Knee Model with Power-Bank InfraMat Pro®

Designed to fit perfectly round your knee, this portable knee model is the best way to alleviate knee pain. You can insert either amethyst or tourmaline-lined pads to the wrap that, when heated, deliver the benefits of far infrared rays and negative ions to eliminate joint and muscle pain in your knee!

SOFT-Mat™ Full 7224 InfraMat Pro® 25% Off! 

SOFT-Mat™ Full 7224 InfraMat Pro®

Discover the most comfortable gemstone mat we offer! The entire surface of our SOFT Mat is filled with crushed gemstones to provide unrivaled comfort and convenient flexibility. It also includes far infrared heatall to help you feel completely relaxed while you treat your pain.

Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter – Cotton – 25% Off!

Tourmaline Magnetic Energy Comforter – Cotton 

Improve your wellness while you sleep! This Energy Comforter includes 100 small magnets that provide relaxation while you sleep as well as energy for when you wake up. Another beneficial feature is the tourmaline fiber. Tourmaline is a natural emitter of negative ions, so you’ll feel even more energized when you wake up every morning!

Pebble J Vest Firm InfraMat Pro® – 25% Off!

Pebble J Vest Firm InfraMat Pro®

Wrap your entire upper body in comforting warmth. This gemstone vest is the best way to eliminate aches and pains in your back, shoulders, and torso. The inside consists of firm jade gemstones that further reduce pain and provide a calming effect—making it the perfect solution for relaxing after a long day!

Tungsten Lady’s Magnetic Power Bracelet—5-in-1 Energy Bracelet in Rose Gold – Buy One Get One Free!

Tungsten Lady’s Magnetic Power Bracelet. 5-in-1 Energy: Magnets + Negative Ions + Far Infrared Rays (FIR) + Germanium + Hematite. Model BR-TNG-303. Rose Gold color

Give the gift of style and wellness! Our 5-in-1 Power Bracelets combine magnets, negative ions, far infrared rays, germanium, and hematite to provide improved wellness to users. This specific model even comes in striking rose gold. And because it is buy one get one free you and your mother can both improve your wellness and look stylish at the same time!

Give the Gift of Health and Wellness

Mother’s Day is all about showing your mom how special they are and how much they mean to you. But finding the best Mother’s Day gift can sometimes be tricky. We at HealthyLine believe there really is no better gift than the gift of wellness. Now that you know what our products are and how they can improve wellness, it’s time to enable your mom (and any family member, for that matter) to live their healthiest life!

Be sure to check out or entire Mother’s Day sale!




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