Shipping & Returns

Return and Warranty Policies

All of our mats are carefully hand-made by highly qualified specialists. Every component is tested at different stages of the manufacturing process. After assembly, our mats are tested for 35 points including EMF insolation, heat level, heating time, size, weight, packaging, quality of stones, number of layers, level of negative ions, infrared, and several other measurement tests. After being shipped from the factory to our warehouse, we test the products again before shipping them out to our customers. You may receive a box that appears to have been opened before. This is because we checked the product and added additional printed materials and accessories.

Although we produce extremely durable products with the lowest defect rate in the industry and triple-stage quality control, we still provide a 90-day risk-free trial and hassle-free up to 5 years warranty coverage.

In order to deliver your product safely and in a timely manner, HealthyLine strictly ships products through top national and international carriers. Once your product is shipped from our warehouse, you will be given a tracking number to track your package. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the carrier should there be any necessary changes regarding the shipment. 

If an issue arises during shipment, we are happy to offer our assistance and help to the most of our ability. However, many times there is little action we can take once a shipment departs from our warehouse. If the tracking information of a shipment shows delivery issues or shipment issues, it is important to reach out to make a claim with the carrier and inform us of the situation within 3 days. After 3 days, no claims can be taken without a valid police report. 

We record every serial number for all sales, returns, exchanges, and warranties. If you violate or misuse our return or exchange policy, we will void your warranty.

90-Day Risk-Free Trial

With your purchase of a HealthyLine mat, you will enjoy a 90-day risk-free trial. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can send it back for a refund equal to the price of the product minus shipping fee. If you think you might return your mat during your trial period, please use it with care and always cover it with a towel or blanket. The unit must be returned in good condition without smell, stains, or damage. The cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund amount even if you did not pay for shipping. Buyer assumes responsibility for return shipping costs of a refund. If you need a warranty exchange, free shipping is provided for the continental 48 states; Hawaii, and Alaska. All other international customers will be responsible for shipping both ways for all replacements, exchanges, and returns regardless of the reason.

In order to return your mat, please follow these 3 steps:

  1. Send an email to with your intent to return and your reason.
  2. After receiving a reply with an acknowledgment of the return please ship the product along with a note explaining the reason for the return to the address below:


925 Shepherd Ave,

Brooklyn, NY 11208

  1. After you have shipped the unit, please wait until it is delivered to our warehouse and then email us your tracking number. Once the tracking confirms the delivery, we will process your refund immediately. Not providing the tracking information may cause your refund to be delayed.

Note: Reason for return is only asked so we can continue to improve our products and services. You may return your product during the return period for any reason or no reason at all.

Please refer to this page for more information.


After 90 Days

In some special cases, we may accept the return of a good, working condition mat even after your 90-day trial period has expired. If this is the case, you will have up to 6 months to return your purchase, but we maintain the right to charge a restocking fee of up to 20-50% depending on the condition of your mat after inspection. Some restrictions may apply. Contact us for details.



If at any point you decide you want a larger or more advanced mat you have the option to upgrade your current product. Please note that the new purchase must be at least twice the value of the original mat’s price on our website. Pending the completion of the return and evaluation process of the mat’s condition, you may be eligible to receive credit for the full value of your product to be used towards your upgraded purchase.

For example, your current mat costs $1000 on You decided that you want to buy a more advanced mat for $1800 along with for a comforter that costs $160 + an energy bracelet that costs $60. The total costs for the new product order is over $2000. Since the value of the mat is $1000 and your current new total is $2000, you would only pay the difference of $1000. Your purchase must be made on the website to receive credit.***


HealthyLine offers a Lifetime Trade-In policy in addition to the Upgrade policy. At any time, you may Trade in your current mat to receive half of your original mat’s price on our website, towards your new purchase (which should be the same price value or more). The Trade-In program is available to all HealthyLine mats regardless of condition. If the mat is a little beat up, stops working, or damaged we do not hold that against you. You still receive 50% of the original mat’s website price without any time limitation.

For example, you purchased a mat 18 months or even 6 years ago and its value on is $1000, and the mat became damaged by wear and tear, and the value of the mat is $1000, you get 50% of that value, making your current credit $500. Your purchase must be made on the website*** to receive credit and your order total needs to be $1000 or more.

***With both policies, you have to purchase your new mat from but the mat you send back to us could have been purchased from any store or affiliate that sells our products.

Note: Duvets, covers, and bracelets are not covered by our trade-in and upgrade policies but can be purchased with a new total value.

 To take advantage of our policies and before sending any products back to the warehouse, you must speak with an HL representative who can process the Trade-In/Upgrade details and set you up with a new order credit. Always contact us at before taking any action. HealthyLine reserves the right to void any warranty or refuse policy in the rare case of customer’s dishonesty, scam, false publications, abuse offenses of HealthyLine, or its personnel.

90 Day Price Guarantee

Are you worried that you’ll buy our products and find it on sale after you’ve already paid for it? When you buy from HealthyLine, we give you one less thing to worry about. For up to 90 days from the date of purchase, if we lower our prices, we will refund you the difference between the new price and your purchase price. If you would like to know about all price drops, please subscribe to our newsletter on the bottom of this page.