Shipping & Returns

Return and Warranty Policies


All mats are carefully hand-made by highly qualified specialists. Then, every component is tested on different stages of manufacturing. After assembly, mats are tested for 35 points including zero EMF, heat level, heating time, size, weight, packaging, quality of stones, number of layers, level of negative ions, infrared, and several measurement tests. PEMF and photon are tested too (on certain models). After being shipped from the factory to our warehouse, we test it again before shipping to customers. A box may appear to have been opened because we check the product and add printed materials and accessories.


Although we produce extremely durable products with the lowest defect rate in the industry and triple-stage quality control, we still provide a 45-day risk-free trial and hassle-free 365-day warranty coverage.


45-Day Risk-Free Trial

With your purchase of a HealthyLine mat, you will enjoy a 45-day risk-free trial. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason you can send it back for a refund of the price of the product. If you think you think you may return your mat during your trial period, please use it with care and always cover it with a towel or blanket. The unit must be in good condition, without smell, stains, or damage.


In order to return your mat, please follow these 3 steps:

  1. Send an email to with your intent to return and your reason.
  2. After receiving a reply with acknowledgment of the return please ship it to


2609 East 14 Street


Brooklyn, NY 11235

  1. After you have shipped the unit, please wait until it is delivered to our warehouse and then email us your tracking number. Once the tracking confirms the delivery, we will process your refund immediately. Without providing the tracking information your refund may be delayed.




If your product stops working the way it used to it is most likely due to the controller. We will send you a free replacement. Simply send an email to with a copy of your order (email forward or screenshot of your invoice, regardless of where you bought it), product model, and preferably a picture of your controller on both sides. Once we get that information from you, we will take care of the problem immediately. If a new controller does not solve your issue we will send you a brand new mat. These exchanges will be at our cost in the continental USA only (Alaska, Hawaii and other countries must pay for all associated shipping costs).


Trade In


We also offer a lifetime trade-in policy. At any time you may trade in your mat to get half of its purchase price towards a new mat that is the same price or more.



Optional Five-Year Warranty


For the InfraMat Pro™, we also offer an optional five-year extended warranty, for an additional 20% of the item’s purchase price. If you experience a problem with your product at any time during these five years, we will send you a new one as a replacement. The replacement may be the same model or a newer one. If you are interested in purchasing this extended warranty, please contact us by e-mail at


Shipping address:

2609 east 14 Street, #303

Brooklyn, NY 11235