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Black Tourmaline Stone Benefits

Do you know of a stone that can affect your overall health? If you don’t, you’ll want to keep reading about tourmaline. This stone emits a natural energy that boasts with healing properties. This stone is a representation of vitality, and its healing benefits are used to this day. Tourmaline belongs to the family of aluminum borosilicates. It’s made of various metals such as iron and magnesium. The name “tourmaline” has two different meanings: the ancient Sinhalese called it “turmali” meaning “a mixed color precious stone” and “turamali” meaning “something small from the earth.”

One of the best-known properties of tourmaline is its electrical charge. When you rub or heat it, the electrical force is powerful. One end has a negative charge and the opposite end has a positive charge. This makes tourmaline a powerful magnet. HealthyLine’s mats are heated with far infrared rays. Far infrared rays are emitted from the sun and are the cause for giving life. When you’re out in the sun basking in the heat, you’re experiencing far infrared rays. You cannot see these rays but you can feel their heat. They penetrate deep into your skin — touching your tissues including your muscles, connective tissue, and bone. Using tourmaline, the far infrared rays, or FIR, become a powerful force.

When tourmaline is affected by heat, it replaces moisture with negative ions. Negative ions are prevalent in nature, usually at a waterfall or after a thunderstorm. When you’re in the presence of negative ions, you develop positive feelings. One of the reasons for these positive vibes is the fact that negative ions remove toxins such as pollutants and chemicals from your body. Along with the energy from your body, the energy from tourmaline will protect you from pathogens, radiation, and other external harms. Tourmaline detoxifies the body, expelling any waste from your system. This is why tourmaline is a useful tool when strengthening your immune system. With a healthier body comes the ability to fight off sicknesses and disease.

Negative ions assist with physical health as well as mental health, and a perfect example is cell regeneration. When you lay on a HealthyLine tourmaline mat, it stimulates cell function. Cell-growth imbalances can cause a variety of different health problems, and targeting these issues at the core will relieve you of these health problems. HealthyLine’s tourmaline mats will also help with preventing other ailments; with healthy cells, your basic bodily functions will increase in productivity making you healthier. These mats are completely safe with no negative side effects.

Black tourmaline properties

You probably looked at our products and wondered about tourmaline’s use in our mats. Tourmaline boasts several benefits that will tremendously improve your health. These benefits will assist your short-term and long-term health goals. One of the short-term goals you’ll notice right away is tourmaline’s assistance with sleep. If you suffer from fatigue or insomnia, tourmaline will aid with correcting your sleep cycle. Sleeping with a HealthyLine tourmaline mat is a great way to start this regular sleep cycle. The soothing tourmaline mixed with the infrared heat will soothe your mind, allowing sleep to come easier.

With body functions increasing in productivity, you’ll first notice short-term benefits. One of the most prevalent ones is weight loss. Tourmaline will assist with the functions of the intestines and colon. When you digest food efficiently, your metabolism will increase. When your metabolism increases, you lose weight. This will make it easier for you to stick to a diet and exercise regimen. With nutrients better circulating through your bloodstream, your essential organs will notice this difference. Since your blood vessels with expand and move to your organs easier, this will improve areas of clotting and other blood-related ailments. Blood is further purified, benefitting your nervous and endocrine systems.

Another short-term benefit you’ll notice is relief from pain. Tourmaline assists the muscles and heals any muscles that are strained or torn. The far infrared rays influenced by tourmaline penetrate your muscles and tissues to immediately relieve you of pain. This is especially prevalent with back pain; when you sleep on the HealthyLine mats with tourmaline, the infrared rays will penetrate deep into your back muscles so you wake up with no pain. HealthyLine tourmaline mats also assist with stiff and sore muscles associated with fitness. HealthyLine tourmaline mats can assist with something as simple as muscle spasms and stiffness or severe such as post-op pain; tourmaline will help boost mobility, flexibility and faster recovery in your muscles. Issues of the joints and the reflex points are also improved with far infrared heat and tourmaline. Cellular regeneration assists with repairing these areas. Your joints will be more flexible, intended to heal and strengthen.

What does black tourmaline do?

HealthyLine mats are perfect when used for meditation. The warmth will easily put you in a meditative trance. Tourmaline has a natural rejuvenating quality that will give you an intense meditation. This stone is commonly used to relieve oneself of emotional problems. Whether used to cope or to make sense of an issue, tourmaline is a powerful tool for meditation. Panic attacks and hyperactivity are some of the common mental issues that tourmaline assists with treating. What makes tourmaline unique is its ability to inspire creativity. When you meditate in the presence of tourmaline, inspiration will flood your mind and will leave you with an abundance of creativity. You’ll feel more focused to accomplish your goals. You’re left with self-confidence and a better outlook on life. Read more about Obsidian Benefits

Tourmaline is one of nature’s best medications. With a combination of natural healing and an electric charge, this stone can heal a variety of physical and mental concerns. Using a combination of far infrared rays and negative ions, HealthyLine created this mat to exemplify the benefits of tourmaline. From the simplest form of therapy such as cell regeneration to the most complex disorders, tourmaline has unparallel physical benefits. After continuous use, you’ll be free of pain and will sleep better. These benefits will enhance your mental and physical state, both in the short and long term. When you use a HealthyLine mat with tourmaline, you won’t be disappointed!