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Obsidian Stone Benefits

Obsidian is a volcanic glass that has powerful healing benefits that can improve your state of mind, body, and soul. It is a dark stone that is able to regulate negativity and protect you from bad energy. Obsidian also has the ability to relieve physical discomfort and effectively treat pain. This healing stone is found all over the world and has been treasured by numerous cultures and civilizations throughout history. Today, obsidian is still valued for its healing powers and also for its practical use in medical equipment and tools. It’s also strikingly beautiful. When you include the powers of obsidian in your life, you’ll come to understand why so many people cherish this natural stone!

Obsidian is an igneous rock that forms when lava is released through volcanos and cools very rapidly. Large reserves of obsidian are usually found where there are volcanos or where they’ve existed in the past. This can be anywhere across the planet, from Iceland to Japan. Because Central America is home to numerous volcanoes, obsidian is an abundant mineral and played an important role in the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Both cultures used it as a material in jewelry, weapons, and tools. Obsidian was also central in the religious community in Mayan culture and was even referred to as the “God of Stone” due to its protective qualities. Mayan prophets would even polish and shine large Obsidian gemstones to act as a “mirror” which they believed would allow them to foresee the future.

Today, obsidian is still considered a protective gemstone but is also used to treat physical discomfort and achieve your fullest health. Many consider it a natural pain reliever that targets pain deep within your tissue and muscles. It is also able to detoxify your whole body to energize you and keep you in top shape. This improves your physical capability if you’re an athlete, have an active lifestyle, or if you simply want to feel better every single day. One of the most important uses for obsidian in the health field is to utilize its healing properties to benefit the digestive system. It is able to aid digestion and is a useful tool to treat gallbladder problems. This wide range of healing benefits keeps you thriving at your fullest health and lets you feel rested and restored.

When obsidian is paired with other gemstones, it works to amplify their healing powers and lets them function at a higher level. For example, obsidian is able to help amethyst and tourmaline gemstones process higher amounts of negative ions and far-infrared rays. Both of these natural healers have a number of therapeutic benefits that can improve your overall health and wellness. Far infrared therapy is able to increase circulation throughout your entire body, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be absorbed. This helps increase your energy levels to keep your mind and body in shape. Negative ions reduce the effects of positive ions which can damage your respiratory system, triggering a domino effect of harm to your body. Negative ions are also able to prevent and reduce symptoms of bacterial or viral infections by promoting cell regeneration. These health benefits are one of the reasons why we combine obsidian and other gemstones in all of our HealthyLine products.

Aside from these restoring powers, obsidian really gets its reputation as a natural healer due to its effect on your mental and emotional state. Obsidian is a protective gemstone that keeps you and your body safe from negativity. It essentially acts as a shield that covers your whole body that prevents negative energies from reaching you. This is because obsidian is able to absorb these harmful energies. It is also able to regulate and clear psychic smog. Think of obsidian as a vacuum that cleans your aura of negativity and converts it into positive energy!

Obsidian Stone Properties

One of the biggest ways obsidian is able to improve your mental health and overall quality of life is by giving you a true understanding of who you really are. Obsidian is and has always been considered a dark gemstone—not just because of its appearance. Every person has a “darker shadow” of themself; obsidian allows you to face that side of yourself and brighten the negative aspects of your psyche. It gives you the ability to penetrate through the darkness in your life and illuminate your personality, something that no other gemstone is capable of doing. This is another reason why incorporating obsidian in your life is so important.

Obsidian is a great solution to rejuvenate your inner chakra points inside your body. It is able to heal all of them by strengthening the root chakra. The root chakra is also referred to as the “base” chakra because it is the foundation of all other chakras within you. When your root chakra is closed, you will feel unstable and anxious about your future. But when your root chakra is opened, you feel grounded and confident in your ability to succeed. Obsidian is also able to enhance your third eye chakra. This gives you a new perspective and improves your spiritual consciousness. Read more about Sodalite Stone Benefits

If your zodiac sign is Scorpio or Sagittarius, then obsidian will be your new best friend! Scorpios are full of energy and passion. Utilizing the healing powers of obsidian will help balance that energy and give you more control of yourself. Sagittarians are also similar to Scorpios as they are adventurous and spontaneous with their decisions. Because obsidian is a protective stone, you’ll be safe from making decisions that might result in a negative outcome or hurt you. These are just more reasons why obsidian is a powerful gemstone and why we include it in so many of our mats.

So, what is the best way to use obsidian gemstones? Well, we believe that HealthyLine mats are the best option because they give you all of the obsidian’s benefits plus so many other therapeutic benefits. Some other options to use obsidian are buying jewelry that incorporates pieces of it or even just holding it in your pocket or bag. It’s even possible to place it by the doorway to your home to prevent negativity from entering. Whichever way you choose to surround yourself with obsidian, there is no doubt that your mind, body, and overall quality of life will benefit from its healing powers!