Yellow Aventurine Stone Benefits

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that, while navigating through life, we can often feel overburdened. It’s almost like at times it feels like we’ve lost control of our own direction in life and that we are just floating through. This can be the result of stressful career or relationship issues, among other matters. Wouldn’t you like to take back control of your destiny? Well, if so, then say hello to yellow aventurine!

yellow Aventurine

Yellow Aventurine is a part of the quartz family and is often referred to as the “stone of self-worth” and the “stone of confidence”. Its warm, yellow tone pairs perfectly with the solar plexus chakra and affects how we perceive ourselves. This gemstone can also help rebalance our emotions, allowing us to be who we truly are. Aside from that, yellow aventurine gives us the power to control our fate and gives us the ability to make decisions for ourselves!

As stated before, the energy of the yellow aventurine resonates in synchronization with the solar plexus chakra. This chakra point governs feelings of confidence, self-worth, and of our own ability in ourselves. If you find yourself doubting your ability, then it’s likely that your solar plexus is blocked! When this chakra is blocked, you may also be more agitated and less amicable when dealing with others. No worries, yellow aventurine is the perfect gemstone for rebalancing your solar plexus and, in turn, your sense of power. 

When you surround yourself with yellow aventurine, it empowers you to have the confidence to tackle your issues and make the right decisions for yourself. In regard to your career, you will find yourself more driven and even inspired to succeed. You’ll also find yourself thinking more positively and you’ll experience more joy. This aspect helps us bond with those around us and cooperate better with our peers. 

An imbalanced solar plexus also causes us to feel doubts about our future as well as doubts about our own abilities. Yellow aventurine neutralizes these doubts. It’s also a great gemstone for ending our reliance on others’ approval. We can often find ourselves needing validation from those around us, and many times we tend to focus more so on our own personal needs. With yellow aventurine, you’re better able to understand your needs and have the ability to satisfy those needs. This all helps us take back control of our own life and succeed in what we do.

Yellow aventurine properties

A blockage to the solar plexus can even manifest itself in physical ways. Examples of this include digestive problems, stomach pain, or increases in blood pressure. Yellow aventurine can help alleviate these tensions. It also is a powerful gemstone for cleansing our body of toxins as well as for treating skin conditions and allergy issues!

Yellow aventurine has the power to instill in us fearlessness and a sense of adventure. If you consider yourself a person who is afraid to try new things, a yellow aventurine can make you open to new activities and open new doors for you. It can also reinvigorate your zest for life. This will allow you to not only enjoy the little things in life that make you happy, but also helps you find new joys that make you happy!

Another amazing benefit that yellow aventurine offers is its ability to alleviate grief and suffering. We all experience some form of tragedy in our lives, and the grieving process can be a challenge in and of itself. This makes it great for those who experience the loss of a loved one or those who suffer from trauma. While the energy of yellow aventurine doesn’t end our grieving process, it certainly gives us the power to move on with our lives while still finding the silver lining to help us grow. 

While meditating with yellow aventurine, placing it around the house, or carrying it with us are great ways to obtain its benefits. But we purposely include it in all of our Rainbow Mats to make achieving its powers simple and easy! The Rainbow Mat’s heat therapy amplifies yellow aventurine’s energy and we include numerous other gemstones that are great for healing and rebalancing your chakra’s energies. Our mats also have numerous other therapies that are designed to improve health and wellness in a variety of ways. 

So whether you’re looking to regain your confidence, empower yourself, or reduce pain within your body, we’re certain that yellow aventurine is the gemstone for you!