White TAJ Controller

  • 1. Flip the power switch (№1) On. The light indicates that the power is On. You can use this switch to turn the power Off.
  • 2. Turn the dial to set your selected temperature (№2) clockwise to increase the heat, or counterclockwise to decrease the heat.
  • 3. The red LED display (№3) shows the actual temperature. Once you start turning the dial it shows your selected temperature for a few seconds, and then goes back to showing the actual temperature.
  • 4. Press the Photon button (№4) to turn the photon lights On/Off. The lights operate independent of the heat.
  • 5. Press the PEMF button (№5) to turn PEMF On/Off. The PEMF function works independently with or without heat. The PEMF operates at a 20/100 cycle. After you press the button it is on for 20 minutes, then idles for 100 minutes, then again active for 20 minutes. This cycle continues for up to 12 hours or until you press PEMF button Off. To restart another 20 minutes without waiting you can press this button Off then On again.

The controller is set to automatically shut off after 12 hours. If you need to set your mat to automatically shut off earlier, you can use an external power timer.

HealthyLine produces almost 100 mat variations with different sizes, power, and functions. We use over a dozen different controllers. If your mat came with a different one, they all work similarly. However, they might not substitute each other even if they fit in the jack. Please DO NOT switch controllers between different mats.

You can see more information on www.HealthyLIne.com/controllers.

First, please plug your controller deep into the mat’s jack and then into a power outlet. This unit is under warranty. If anything happens just send us an email to info@healthyline.com with a picture of the controller and detailed information about the concern.

Remember, the mat is made of many functional layers. It takes 5-to-25 minutes for the stones to heat up completely. Keep the mat covered with a blanket and/or lie on the mat to make it heat up faster.