Warranty Coverage Period List


For a detailed list of the specific warranty that comes with each new HealthyLine product, please take a look at the table below. Please note that bedding, bracelets, and other accessories have their own warranty.


5-Year Warranty Period

1-Year Warranty Period

SOFT Series

SOFT 3220, SOFT 4024, SOFT 6024, SOFT 7224, SOFT 7232, SOFT 7428, SOFT 8054

TAO Series

TAO-1818, TAO-1818 Photon Matrix PEMF, TAO-3220, TAO Chair 4018, TAO-6024, TAO-7224, TAO-7428, TAO-7632, TAO-8040, TAO-8060 Soft, TAO-8060 PP, TAO-8076 Soft, TAO-8076 PP, TAO-Pillow Heated, TAO-Pillow Heated Photon Matrix PEMF

TAO-Mat Pillow Soft

TAJ Series

TAJ-2020, TAJ-3220, TAJ Chair 4018, TAJ-6024, TAJ-7224, TAJ-7428, TAJ-7632, TAJ-8040, TAJ-8030 (left and right), TAJ-8038 (left and right), TAJ-8060, TAJ-8076


Rainbow Series (1st Edition)

Rainbow-4020, Rainbow-5024, Rainbow-7428

Chakra Series (2nd Edition)

Rainbow Chakra Series (3rd Edition)

Rainbow Chakra Series (3rd Edition)

Rainbow Chakra-4020, Rainbow Chakra-5024, Rainbow Chakra-7428

Platinum Series

Platinum-3220, Platinum Chair 4018, Platinum 6024, Platinum 7224, Platinum 7428, Platinum Aura 7428

360 Wrap Series

TAO-7224 360 Wrap Set, TAO-7428 360 Wrap Set, TAJ-7224 360 Wrap Set, TAJ-7428 360 Wrap Set,

Platinum-7224 360 Wrap Set, Platinum-7428 360 Wrap Set,

Rainbow Chakra 7428 360 Wrap Set

Mesh Series

Mesh-3220, Mesh-7224, Mesh-8040, Mesh-8060, Mesh-8076

Mesh-3220 Light, Mesh-7224 Light

Amethyst Series

Amethyst-3618 Photon PEMF, Amethyst Vest Photon PEMF, Amethyst Vest Extra Large Photon PEMF, Amethyst Belt Photon PEMF, Amethyst Bolster Heated

Amethyst-3618 Photon, Amethyst Vest Soft, Amethyst Vest Extra Large Soft, Amethyst Belt Photon, Amethyst Shoulder Pad, Amethyst Bolster (non-heated)

J Series

Pebble-J-3220, Pebble-J-7224, Pebble-J Knee, Pebble-J Vest, Pebble-J Belt, Pebble-J Bolster

T Series

Pebble-T-3220, Pebble-T-7224, Pebble-T Knee, Pebble-T Vest, Pebble-T Belt, Pebble-T Legs

JT Series

JT Pebble Bolster Heated

Portable Series

 Portable-Neck, Portable-Flat Pad, Portable-Belt, Portable-Shoulder, Portable-Hand, Portable-Knee, Portable-Foot

Pet Series

Pet-3220, Pet-5024


Negative Ion Generator-50, Travel AJ Magnetic Pillow, Tourmaline Magnetic Pillow