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We sometimes use natural yellow clay as a substitute or replacement for gemstones in our products. The yellow clay has a naturally high output of negative ions that rivals, and sometimes surpasses that of tourmaline. Those seeking the specific relief that negative ions provide may want to look into a product that is filled with organic yellow clay. The most common wellness benefits of negative ions include the elimination of airborne particles that can be detrimental, improvement of serotonin levels that assist in sleeping ability, the ability to breathe cleaner and more efficiently, an increase in oxygen to the brain, and a balancing of mood and energy levels. The presence of negative ions has even been suggested to help manage some symptoms of depression. Yellow mud blends into a synergistic experience with heat the same way that gemstones do. When paired with gemstones, yellow mud focuses significantly on the mental state of the user. The final benefit associated with yellow mud and negative ions is comprehensive detoxification of heavy metals and excess waste. This intense experience can lead to loss of water retention and by extension, some weight. Clay mats are comfortable and more flexible than their gemstone counterparts, which makes them easy to wrap around the body and target specific areas of pain.