There are 3 main reasons you may be considering applying today:

Earn instant cash

You can earn a commission for every one of our products you sell. There’s no limit to this; more success equals a bigger paycheck from us. Applying gives you the additional opportunity to qualify for even higher rates off the front-end of your purchases with certain levels of commitment, allowing for even greater profits with each successful sale.

Enhance your business

You might run a spa, chiropractor’s office, acupuncture clinic, or work in another medical profession –if so, then you are just like many of our current affiliates. Our mats are used internationally in medical practices to enhance client experiences. If you are looking for a way to grow the success of your business, the Inframat Pro is just that.

Spreading Better Wellness

If you share our enthusiasm for wellness, you may be interested in applying simply because you love the product and believe in its effectiveness. We have learned along the way that influencing someone’s wellness for the better is an incredible feeling that keeps us striving to improve our products. If you are passionate about spreading improved wellness, let’s do it together.

If any of these three motives speak to your interests, apply now. Our family is always growing, and we would love for you to be a part of it. We’re always open to new partnerships, so the invitation is already waiting for you.

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