Quartz Stone Benefits

When it comes to health and wellness, there’s really no better gemstone than quartz. Whether you have physical, mental, or spiritual affliction–quartz has the ability to heal it all! For millennia, this gemstone has been admired for its beauty and healing properties by different civilizations all over the world. It is also one of the few gemstones known to be connected to a number of separate zodiac signs, aiding each one in its own particular way. In today’s day and age, quartz is used for a number of health and wellness purposes. These include treating pain, meditation, spiritual guidance, and clarity of mind. These physical and metaphysical healing powers are just some of the reasons why we choose to include quartz in our HealthyLine Platinum mats

quartz stone benefits

In its most natural and purest form, quartz is a colorless gemstone. However, resulting from impurities within its crystal structure, quartz can appear in a myriad of shades such as blue, red, purple, pink, green, and yellow–practically every color you can imagine! At HealthyLine, the majority of our heated gemstone mats incorporate amethyst, a pink shade of quartz, as a primary gemstone component. Some of our other mats combine both amethyst and clear quartz, allowing you to receive more healing benefits from just one mat. 

One of the reasons we include quartz in our products is its piezoelectric properties. Piezoelectricity refers to certain materials that have the ability to produce an electromagnetic charge when they are heated. This takes the healing potential of this gemstone to a whole new level, leading to improvements in circulation and oxygen flow. Quartz is also able to transmit steady streams of far infrared rays and negative ions when heated, further enhancing the health and wellness of those who surround themselves with this profound gemstone. 

The health benefits of magnetic energy, far-infrared heat, and negative ions are vast and varied. Aside from improving circulation, magnetic energy is great for relaxing the body and mind before sleep every night. Whereas regular heat therapy is only able to warm the surface of your body, far infrared therapy delivers heat deep into your muscles to effectively eliminate tension. Negative ions provide a rejuvenating sensation across the body and can even naturally help cleanse it of toxins and other harmful agents.

Many utilize quartz for its physical healing benefits. For example, shamen and other natural religious healers would use staffs and wands embedded with quartz to alleviate headaches, improve metabolism, and provide balance to the body’s natural organ functions. There are still countless amounts of people who still use quartz for this same purpose. Furthermore, due to its ability to eliminate toxins, quartz is perfect for treating infections or healing after an injury.

In regard to spiritual healing, quartz is used by those looking to expand their consciousness and improve their overall mood. Many believe that wearing jewelry adorned with quartz will bring about a state of vitality, prosperity, harmony, and love. Quartz can even be placed around the house to remove pockets of negativity and transform them into positive energy, making it a powerful tool for those who have stressful jobs or are generally anxious. 

While those are certainly beneficial to your mental and emotional state, one of the quartz’s most valuable benefits is its ability to transform your perception of the external world for the better. For example, if you’re naturally influenced by others’ moods, quartz is a great gemstone for protecting yourself from harmful energy. It can also help you sympathize with and understand others while not letting external negativity affect your overall well-being. This sense of union between your external and internal worlds is the perfect way to achieve a higher state of consciousness that manifests itself into even more wellness benefits. 

For those looking for chakra healing, quartz can help with that too! This is because it pairs well with all chakra points, but especially the crown chakra. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and relates to spiritual connection to the divine. A person whose crown chakra is blocked is likely to be close-minded to new ideas and others’ thoughts. They’re also most likely to feel dissociated and imbalance between their body and soul. Luckily, quartz is a magnificent stone in that it can, in a sense, recalibrate your spiritual and physical selves. It has even been called a “bridge to the divine”, helping you achieve an improved state of mental awareness.

If you’re looking for a gemstone that provides a bountiful amount of health and wellness benefits that translate across your mind, body, and soul then look no further than quartz. For as long as time, humans have utilized this gemstone to improve body function, elevate consciousness and awareness, reduce stress, and more. Its potent healing powers and versatility of treatable ailments truly make it a must-have. And while it’s a great gemstone to place around the house or wear in jewelry, we believe that the best benefits come with the quartz gemstones in our Platinum Mats. So start improving your life with quartz gemstones today!