SOFT Series Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Mats

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Try the most comfortable series of mats that HealthyLine has to offer. The Soft series consists of 100% crushed amethyst, tourmaline, and jade gemstones. Using crushed gemstones creates a surface that conforms to the curves of the user’s body enhancing the comfort of the overall experience. This series places an emphasis on comfort over benefits, but not to the degree that it would be noticeable. In order to ensure absolute comfort, the Soft models do not come with any bonus features such as a pulsed electromagnetic field system or photon lights. The inclusion of these features adds extra internal and external layers to the device that makes it less comfortable and flexible. The soft model is versatile enough that you could use it on a 90-degree angle. The mat is capable of being rolled up completely allowing for easy transport and storage in-between sessions. The Soft series come in small sizes for targeting small areas of the body and full-sized models for full body sessions. Now you can buy a Soft mat as part of a set that is combined with Velcro to create one unit that you can enter. Create a wellness-enhancing 360-degree experience that will soothe your muscles and joints to the fullest extent that gemstone heat therapy can provide.