Photon Therapy Mats

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Models that include photon light therapy vary from full body-sized to smaller ones designed to treat specific areas of the body. Photon light therapy is indicated by small LEDs on the top of the gemstone exterior of each product. These lights stay dormant until the device is connected to a power source and the photon therapy button is activated manually on the controller. When this happens, the LEDs will illuminate bright red. They can be turned off at any point to the user’s discretion, but after an hour it will automatically turn off for 3 hours and then turn back on. This cycle will repeat three times if the mat is active long enough. Photon light therapy is another advanced natural form of therapy recently introduced alongside pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to HealthyLine products. It shares similarities with far infrared, but it doesn’t penetrate the body as deeply. Since it only reaches a few inches below the surface of the skin, it requires direct contact with the treatment area to experience its full effects. The red light speaks to the mitochondria in each cell to stimulate collagen production. This process causes a massive detox as it increases the speed of new cell growth which thus replaces old cells. The most common use for photon light therapy is in the skincare field because it helps with acne and skin care. Users of this therapy can also undergo accelerated wound recovery, decreased symptoms of depression, improved movement, and much more. Try a belt model to restore your lower back or abdomen or even a chair model to recover while you relax.