Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Jade Mats

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Similar to tourmaline, we use large round polished jade gemstones that line the entire external layer of the mat. With large gemstones, it is easy to turn your home into your very own personal spa. When the mat is plugged in, it will directly heat the gemstones rather than your body. This will replicate the experience of a hot stone therapy session that is sought after for relaxation, stress reduction, and tension relief. When the weight of your body rests against the surface, the hot jade stones press deep into your pressure points and muscles to release surface level tension and resistance. You can enhance this spa experience with the use of the Mylar reflective space blanket that traps the heat so that you sweat more to excrete excess heavy metals and water retention. All while this is happening, far infrared rays, negative ions, PEMF, and photon lights are influencing the internal functions of your body. The areas in which the far infrared rays pass through will experience an increase in blood flow and oxygenation that helps with pain relief and the restoration of energy levels. Negative ions will work to cleanse the mind and body with the help of PEMF. All the therapies will blend together and improve the wellness of the user as they lie back and relax with the heat.