Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Amethyst Mats

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Amethyst is a natural gemstone that has been measured to produce high levels of far infrared rays and negative ions. When it channels these two natural therapies, amethyst adds a blend of benefits unique to its composition. This deep purple gemstone is well-known for providing relaxation and calmness that helps manage stress and anxiety in those who covet it for therapeutic uses. The amethyst HealthyLine uses in its mat is crushed in pieces that resemble large grains of sand. As a result, amethyst pemf mats are typically more comfortable than mats that use large polished jade and tourmaline gemstones. The crushed gemstones conform to the curves of your body rather than being a hard surface that presses into it. The use of crushed gemstones makes for a more flexible product that can be used on non-flat surfaces or that can be wrapped around specific parts of your body. As a result, the amethyst category includes large traditional mats like the AJT Extra Large 8040 Mat or a more area-specific model like the Amethyst Belt with photon lights. Choosing a mat that is made mostly out of amethyst, but still has other gemstones places an emphasis on your comfort without sacrificing any of the major benefits. An amethyst only product places flexibility and comfort at the forefront of your concerns.