So you have purchased your very own Inframat Pro.

If you are like me, you set it up right away and practically jumped onto the heated surface to test it out.

You have had some time to familiarize yourself with the product and you understand how it works.

The far infrared heat is soothing, you are starting to feel a little better each day, and your energy levels are rising.

You are really enjoying the experience, but still, you can’t help but wonder, “Is there something I can do to make this work better?”

Since you are familiar with the basics of the mat, I think it would be beneficial to share some insider tips with you based on feedback HealthyLine has gotten from healthcare professionals and customer success stories.

Incorporating these practices into your sessions will not only improve the overall experience when using your mat but also help facilitate better results for your wellness.

Create Your Very Own Home Sauna

If you recall, your HealthyLine mat might have come with a foil blanket. If not, they are available in our store.
If you aren’t familiar, it may still be folded away in its packaging.

I suggest you open that thing up right now.
This blanket is included for a reason.

It is designed to trap and reflect heat downward.
You see, when your mat is on, the heat rises quickly and releases into the air if you aren’t using something to trap it.

This loss decreases the intensity of your sessions because you will be operating at a lower level of heat.

Not only does this blanket make things hotter, but this extra heat makes you sweat more.

This experience is the same as going to an infrared sauna.

Infrared saunas have gained a lot of popularity lately for their ability to detox the body, make your skin glow, and even help eliminate water retention to shed some weight.

You can get the same benefits from performing therapy sessions with the Mylar space blanket and your mat.

When you sweat profusely, it amplifies your detoxification processes making sure that your body remains clear.

The deep penetrating far infrared heat softens crystallized toxins and acidic waste in the joints, nerves, and connective tissues and excretes them through the skin as sweat.

Opening your pores to rid your body of waste is extremely beneficial for your skin and can leave your complexion shiny and clear.

Additionally, if your mat has photon lights your skin will benefit even further.

Photon lights can boost collagen production, which rapidly causes new skin cells to replace old ones.

Take your sessions to the next level, and create your own personal luxury spa in the comfort of your home.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

A complaint that is common when it comes to the improper use of HealthyLine mats is that they cause headaches.
This could be a case you are familiar with as well.

If you are experiencing headaches as a result of using your mat, it is most likely because you are dehydrated.
This is a heat therapy device that makes you sweat more than your body is used to, especially if you are using high-temperature settings. It is essential that you drink more water than you think you need to drink.
For instance, imagine how much water you should drink.

Wrong! You need to drink more than that!
You need to replace all the fluids your body excretes during your therapy sessions on top of the typical amount of water you are supposed to drink each day.

The longer you use the mat, the more water you have to drink. Not maintaining your hydration levels will cause headaches and it could also cause lower energy levels, dizziness, dry skin, or low urine output.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, drink water. Drink a glass right now, please. I’ll wait, the rest of the article isn’t going anywhere.

The More Therapies, the Merrier

Models of the Inframat Pro can include up to 5 different natural therapies.

This is a selling point that interests many, but have you ever thought about why there are multiple therapies?

Yes, more looks better on paper, but that’s not it. More therapies actually create a more harmonious experience.

The therapies chosen for the Inframat Pro amplify the effectiveness of each other when used together.

It all starts with the heat. The heat relaxes the body and places it into an optimal state of receptiveness.
The heated gemstones loosen up your muscles and joints.

The far infrared rays penetrate into your tissue. The negative ions relax your mind. Photon lights and pulsed electromagnetic waves cleanse and clear the body of waste and electrical interferences.

From there the body becomes well equipped to manage itself.

However, the mat continues to be best used when you continue to expand the therapies you expose yourself to on a daily basis. The most common being massages and chiropractic sessions.

Many have also found success in improving the effects of acupuncture, Reiki therapy, supplements, holistic routines, and many more.

The mat functions as a focal point that ties all therapies together. Explore your options and find the regimen that works the best for you.

Set the Mood and Maximize Your Comfort

When it comes to getting the best experience with your Inframat Pro, you should essentially treat each session like a date with yourself.

Really set the mood; dim the lights to soothe your eyes and mind. Relaxing music has been shown to further the body’s comfort levels, which is vital to its receptiveness to all the therapies at work. If you aren’t relaxed, it just won’t work right. Choose something that is melodic, but quiet.

You don’t want any music playing that is invasive and will distract your mind and body from relaxing. Sorry, no Pitbull. If you are unsure what to choose, I suggest searching YouTube for “Meditation Music” or “Therapeutic Music.”

Aromatherapy is the next thing to incorporate. A scented candle or incense can also improve your comfort and relaxation. Try different scents to discover what resonates with you most. As a starting point, some of the most popular scents for relaxation and meditation include sandalwood, sage, and lavender.

Finally, take note of what you wear for your sessions. Always wear what you are the most comfortable in to eliminate any possible disturbances during the use of your mat. For most, this is loose fitting clothing, often a t-shirt and sweatpants. It is up to personal preference.

Once you have put in all this work to woo yourself, you ready for the perfect session.

Turn Up the Heat with a Cover

The gemstones of your mat heat up quickly—good.
Heat rises—bad.

The only time heat rising is a good thing is when you are in a hot air balloon.

Many never experience the full potential of their Inframat Pro because of this.

The gemstones release their heat into the air just as fast as they heat up; limiting the maximum temperature it is capable of reaching.

Your mat will never reach 70 °C (158 °F) if you don’t take additional steps to trap the heat that the gemstones release.

A higher temperature means a greater release of far infrared rays and negative ions, as well as greater relaxation.

You can accomplish this with a towel, sheet, or cover.
You can DIY with a towel or sheet from around your home, but HealthyLine produces cotton pads for each mat size specifically for this reason.

These pads also improve the comfort of the surface and protect from water damage as a result of spills and excessive sweating.

Either way, placing one of these options over your mat while it heats up will increase the maximum temperature and decrease the time needed to get there.It is important to note, when covering the mat you should always cover it in its entirety.

Each mat consists of multiple layers, some of which regulate and manipulate the heat.

Partially covering your mat can disrupt these sensors and regulators causing your heat system to malfunction, and in some case, burn the mat.

For this reason, we recommend a HealthyLine cotton pad because they are sized perfectly for your needs.

Cover your mat, maximize your heat, and get the best results from your sessions.

Sweat, Baby, Sweat

You should use your mat every day. Consistent usage will bring results the quickest.

While it is true that you should always use your mat at the settings you are most comfortable with, it is recommended that you undergo one session of high heat per week for 30 minutes. One high heat session a week is ideal for a full-scale detox.

As mentioned previously, the more you sweat the more efficiently you flush out excess toxins, harmful metals, and waste from your body. Detoxifying your system can help increase energy and skin health while reducing, nausea, inflammation, and water retention.

After your session, you will feel lighter and fresher.

Crank the temperature, sweat out the bad stuff, and unlock a new level of wellness and clarity.

Oh, and drink water too.

Sleep the Pain Away

Looking for a way to get the most out of your mat? Sleep on it. If you have a full body mat, this is easy to do.

When you sleep on your mat, use a medium to low temperature setting. You can also use the auto-shutoff timer to have it turn off after a certain amount of time.

There are several reasons to want to sleep on your Inframat Pro. First, we spend so much time asleep—1/3 of our lives essentially. You can turn this into recovery time spent maximizing your wellness.

Also, the heated surface is soothing at night improving the comfort of your rest.

Finally, the release of negative ions stimulates serotonin in your brain, the hormone responsible for regulating your sleeping abilities.

Once you are in the habit of sleeping on your mat, you can incorporate more therapies into the experience.

You can sleep under a HealthyLine energy duvet, a unique piece of bedding designed to improve the effectiveness of your sleep.

The duvet is lined with 100-permanent magnets that provide a magnetic field around you while you sleep.

This magnetic therapy places you in a trance-like state that facilitates the best sleep of your life.

The duvet is also lined with a tourmaline fiber that cleverly converts body heat into more far infrared rays and negative ions.

“The more, the merrier,” they say. Sleeping on your mat is great to get more out of your mat because you don’t have to dedicate any extra time to it.

It seamlessly integrates into something you would be doing already.

This is the one tip HealthyLine deems a #LifeHack.

Spend more time on your mat and spend more time bolstering your wellness through the night.

Your New Workout Partner is Named Mat

Many, including myself, find it difficult to workout alone.

I’m not saying that your mat is the same as having someone to run side by side with or to have a spotter motivate you to make those last two reps, but your mat is here to help you with your workouts.

Before: When you use your mat before working out, it accelerates your blood flow to increase your energy levels and strength. You will invigorate your body to accomplish more and surpass personal goals with each workout. You will be able to push yourself further than normal while minimizing the tension on your body.

After: When you use your mat after working out, it helps you recover your energy levels at a faster rate. Don’t feel drained, but instead ready to continue with the rest of your day.

It will also boost your blood flow again to distribute oxygen throughout the body.

This oxygenation will decrease aches, pains, and soreness the next day.

Adding heat therapy to your post-workout will keep your heart rate increased a little longer to burn additional calories.

Remember, drink water! I’m getting dehydrated just thinking about all of this.