How to Get the Most Out of HealthyLine’s Mats

You’ve purchased your very own gemstone heat therapy mat from HealthyLine. Likely, you have already seen some of the amazing soothing benefits of the far-infrared heat and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Since you’re familiar with the basics of your gemstone therapy mat, let’s dive into how to get the most out of HealthyLine’s mats.

Create Your Own Sauna At Home

Most of our Inframat Pros come with a Mylar space blanket. If you can’t find your blanket, check the packaging. If your device did not come with one, you can always purchase one from our store.
With a Mylar space blanket, you can enhance your experience with your natural gemstone heat therapy mat. This foil blanket is specifically designed to trap heat and reflect it downward, creating a personal far-infrared sauna.

Unwrap the Mylar space blanket, turn on the Inframat Pro, lay on the device, cover yourself with the blanket—you have created your own personal infrared sauna. The benefit of which is exponential for your wellness journey. A sauna can:

  • Increases circulation
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Detoxes the body
  • Relieve stress
  • And more

Over the years, infrared saunas have become quite popular for their ability to detox the body, make your skin glow and even help eliminate water retention.
When you use the Mylar space blanket with your gemstone heat therapy mat as a sauna, you will start sweating, which enhances the detoxification process.

The deep penetrating far-infrared heat soothes your joints, nerves and tissues. This process opens your pores to rid your body of waste, clearing your skin. Additionally, if your mat has photon lights, you can boost collagen production, which causes new skin cells to replace old ones, giving your skin a younger and more vibrant look.

Take your sessions to the next level and create your own personal luxury spa in the comfort of your own home.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

Our products are heat therapy devices designed to make you sweat more to improve your health and enable detoxification. Because of this, you need to make sure that you drink enough water. You want to replace all the fluids your body discharged during your therapy session on top of the normal amount of water you drink each day. Staying hydrated will maximize your health benefits.

Otherwise, you may experience headaches due to dehydration. If you are experiencing headaches as a result of using your mat, it is most likely because you are dehydrated. The longer the session, the more water you will need to drink. If you don’t maintain your hydration levels, you will likely experience headaches which could also cause lower energy levels, dizziness and dry skin.

Combine Therapies To Improve

Our Inframat Pro models include up to 5 different natural therapies to enhance your overall wellness experience.
More therapies create a more harmonious experience. The therapies provided by the Inframat Pro amplify the effectiveness of each other when used together.
Each therapy is designed to amplify the effectiveness of the other.

Many of our mats deliver multiple therapies at the same time, so you can optimize your experience.

  • The heat therapy relaxes.
  • The heated gemstones therapy loosens your muscles and joints.
  • The far-infrared therapy penetrates your tissue.
  • The negative ion therapy relaxes your mind.
  • The photon light therapy and PEMF wave therapy cleanses the body of waste and electrical interferences.

The benefits don’t end after each session. If you combine your therapies with massage, acupuncture and chiropractic sessions, you will find your health benefits amplified. The mat is a central point that ties all the therapies together.

Find the regimen that works the best for you. Combine to improve your treatment therapy!

Amplify Your Comfort

You can amplify your comfort by creating a relaxing atmosphere to enhance the experience of your HealthyLine mat. Set the mood by dimming the lights and listening to music to soothe your eyes, ears, body and mind. Soothing lights and relaxing music have been shown to maximize the body’s comfort levels, which is vital to its receptiveness to different forms of therapy. You want to make sure you’re relaxed.

Once you have put in all the work to simulate comfort, you are ready for the perfect session!

Maximize Heat With A Cover

It is a fact that hot air rises—just ask a hot air balloon. As soon as you switch on your mat, the gemstones release heat, much of which can be lost in the air, limiting the maximum temperature that your mat is capable of reaching.
Many may never experience the full potential of their Inframat Pro because of this loss of heat.

Your mat will never reach the desired temperature if you don’t take these extra steps to trap the heat that the gemstones release.
A higher temperature means more far-infrared rays and negative ions will be released, which should improve relaxation.
You can experience the relaxing benefits of far-infrared rays and negative ions by preventing the heat from being lost in the first place with a towel, sheet, cover, or our specially designed cotton padded cover.

However you decide to cover your mat, make sure you cover the whole device for safety and for optimal comfort.
This is why we recommend using the HealthyLine cotton padded cover. These covers increase the comfort of the mat’s surface and protect it from water damage as a result of spills and sweat.
Placing a cover over your mat while it heats up will increase the temperature and decrease the time needed to get there.

Partially covering your mat can disrupt these sensors and regulators causing your heat system to malfunction, and in some case, burn the mat.

For this reason, we recommend a HealthyLine cotton pad because they are sized perfectly for your needs.

Enhance Detoxification With More Sweat

If you use your mat every day, you will see the results even faster, as well as maintain optimum benefits. You should always use your mat the way that is best and more comfortable for you, but we do recommend that you undergo at least one session of high heat per week for 30 minutes.

The more you sweat, the more efficiently you flush out excess toxins and waste from your body. One high heat session a week is ideal for a full-scale detox. After your high heat session, you will feel lighter and refreshed.

Increase the temperature, sweat more and unlock a new level of wellness and clarity!

Improve Your Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, then you might want to consider using one of our heating pads while you sleep.
Heat therapy can be a supplemental sleep aid, offering you the same soothing benefits of a normal heat therapy session with the combined benefits of restful sleep. To sleep on a HealthyLine mat, use a medium or low-temperature setting.
To safely have it turn off while you sleep, use the auto-shutoff timer.

There are many benefits to using your gemstone heat therapy mat as a sleeping aid.
The negative ions from our device stimulate serotonin in your brain, the hormone responsible for regulating your sleeping abilities, delivering a night of more restful sleep.

From energy duvets designed to improve the effectiveness of your sleep to magnetic pillows, our special therapies place you in a trance-like state that will facilitate some of the best sleep of your life.

By sleeping on your mat, you are amplifying the benefits without having to find more time in your day to fit in another session. This is prime time optimization that will benefit your day.

Meet Your New Workout Partner

Your new workout partner will enhance your workout, from improved performance to quick recovery. At HealthyLine, we know how difficult it is to workout alone. Luckily, you don’t have to workout alone ever again. Though our gemstone heat therapy mat can’t “spot you” or motivate you to do “just one more rep,” it can help maximize your workout, before and after.
When you use your mat before working out, it accelerates your blood flow. This aids your workout by increasing your energy levels and strength. You will stimulate your body to accomplish more so you can surpass personal goals during your next gym session.
When you use your mat after working out, it helps you recover fast so you can be up and ready for your next workout session. Our Inframat Pro delivers heat therapy to boost blood flow to distribute oxygen throughout the body and help you recover faster so you’re back at the gym in no time.

Start Your Next Session

Now that you know how to get the most out of HealthyLine’s mats, it’s time to get started. What are you waiting for? Health and wellness are around the corner.
If you haven’t purchased one of our gemstone heat therapy devices, now’s your chance to experience a revolution in natural gemstone heat therapies.

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