Magnetic Therapy Benefits

What is Magnetic Therapy?

These days, it seems that everybody knows somebody who uses magnets for their therapeutic benefits. It wasn’t always this way. Magnets have been in use for their healing properties for thousands of years, but until recently, they were considered an obscure treatment modality. Today, however, magnets and their benefits are touted everywhere, and their popularity is constantly increasing.

Why has magnetic therapy become so popular? Proponents of the treatment are likely to give a wide array of answers, but the best response is straightforward: magnets are simple and effective. When a magnet is placed anywhere on the body, it promotes increased blood circulation. This increased blood flow helps to deliver more nutrients to your body and flush out toxins and contaminants. The magnet also relaxes surrounding muscles and tissue, enabling your body to heal more efficiently. Magnets offer an all-natural form of pain relief that can be used as frequently as necessary with no side effects. Research has shown that magnetic therapy reduces swelling, alleviates symptoms of osteoarthritis, reduces lumbar pain, and speeds up healing after injury or surgery.

Magnetic therapy is an adaptable treatment. Magnets can be worn as bracelets or even used in bedding. You can select the option the that works best for you and your lifestyle, as you will experience the same positive effects no matter which placement you choose. Regardless of how you decide to use magnets, magnetic therapy can be introduced into your life with ease.

  • Natural Pain Relief

    Recent research indicates that magnets relieve pain by stimulating ion channels, which in turn reduce or block nerve pain signals. This process works because of the relationship between magnets and ions.  Ions are electro-chemicals with positive or negative charge. The movement of ions through cellular gateways (known as “ion channels”) controls your body’s pain signals, muscle contractions, and countless other biological processes.  We can alter our ion channels chemically, using drugs, manually, using electrical stimulation, and naturally, using magnets. Magnets have a number of notable advantages: they are safe, non-invasive, long-lasting, have no side effects, and can be used as frequently as desired. When strong, high-quality magnets are applied correctly, they are effective at naturally relieving pain up to 90% of the time.

  • Magnetic Therapy Reduces Swelling

    Magnets may soon replace compression and ice packs as the optimal treatment choice for common sprains, bumps, and bruises. In 2008, researchers at the University of Virginia investigated the ability of localized magnets to reduce swelling when applied immediately after an inflammatory injury. The researchers found that, by placing strong magnets close to rats’ blood vessels, they could induce blood vessel relaxation and increase blood flow. The research team then simulated tissue inflammation to the rats’ paws and found that immediately applying magnets to the site of injury led to significant reduction in swelling. Once the swelling is reduced, the injury heals faster and the subject feels less pain. (1)

  • Healing After Injury or Surgery

    After injury or surgery, the most traditional recommendation is to alternate application of ice and heat. Ice and heat relieve pain and heal an injured area by affecting blood flow. These traditional methods work, but they take a significant period of time to radiate through muscle tissue and actually start working. In addition, both ice and heat require pauses in treatment, increasing the opportunity for swelling to return. Magnetic therapy offers the same benefits as ice and heat, without the disadvantages. Studies have demonstrated that strong magnets can reduce swelling and bruising, decrease pain, and increase the healing time of bone fractures and surgical wounds. Strong magnetic fields work much more quickly than heat and ice because they reach deep muscle tissue instantly and can be applied continuously without pauses, thus providing much faster healing and relief.

  • Magnetic Therapy Reduces the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

    FIR can provide solace and improve quality of life for chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers. If you are searching for answers to your struggle with CFS, FIR therapy may be the solution. Research indicates that consistent daily thermal therapy (including FIR therapy) has promising benefits for CFS patients. FIR therapy can improve your sleep, reduce the number of nightly sleep disturbances, and minimize aches and pains associated with CFS. (2)

  • Magnetic Therapy Reduces Lumbar Pain

    Anyone seeking a non-pharmaceutical solution for boosting mood and reducing chronic pain should consider FIR therapy. Thermal therapy has been used for years as a drug-free treatment for chronic pain patients. Researchers at Japan’s Nishi Kyusyu University discovered that infrared sauna heat therapy can have a significant impact on chronic pain sufferers’ overall well-being and ability to function. Whether you are suffering from pain or overall malaise, FIR therapy can help you heal and live more happily and comfortably. (3)