Jade is an ancient and mystical stone that was thought to have qualities that greatly affect the mind and body by several civilizations including the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Chinese. Jade has a strong cultural significance for many groups of people because of its unexplainable powers. Tourmaline is said to be magical stone with the ability to protect those that covet its powers. However, the powers and myths of these natural occurring gems may not be quite as unexplainable as they once were. Jade and tourmaline are powerful semi-conductors of negative ions and far infrared rays. Similar to the effects of amethyst, jade and tourmaline have the ability to release these properties and harness their healing capabilities when heated.

It has become scientifically accepted that the release and exposure to negative ions and FIR have positive effects to the health of your body and mind. Negative ions counteract positive ions in the air that can cause harm to your respiratory system and affect your mood or energy levels.  FIR has endless applications when it comes to pain management, chronic fatigue, detoxification, and many other ailments. Those in search of jade and tourmaline were always in search of their healing qualities whether they understood them or not. The allure of the stones live on today as we are now able to apply scientific practices to harness the positive healing effects offered by jade and tourmaline to find new ways of promoting healthy living. There are many myths surrounding jade and tourmaline, but these myths are actually just exaggerations of the benefits you receive when you use them to release negative ions and far infrared.

  • Restore Balance and Remain Calm

    Restore Balance and Remain Calm

    One of the primary attributes commonly discussed about jade and tourmaline is that they have the ability to restore balance to your body through a calming effect. This mysterious ability to make those who are exposed to it feel magically better as if being protected by the gems. With what we have learned about the science behind hot stone therapy over the years, we are able to establish that this is in fact true on some level. With the release of negative ions when heated, jade and tourmaline give the body the ability to restore its clarity of mind. In a study conducted at the Columbia University Medical Center, scientists reported that negative ions were 50% effective when it came to restoring energy levels and increasing mood. As the myths suggests, jade and tourmaline can help restore balance to your body to a degree. By returning your energy and mood levels closer to normal, the body is able to function more efficiently.  This shows signs of these gems being an option when it comes to dealing with some forms of depression and fatigue.(1)

  • Fostering Your Chi or Life Energy

    Far-infrared radiation relaxes the body with its penetrative heat.  Far-infrared heat warms the tissues and muscles deep inside the body, releasing tension and producing an intense calming effect. A recent study found that patients who slept with an FIR-emitting disc experienced an overall increase in satisfaction, as compared to those who slept without the disc. These positive mental effects are enhanced by jade and tourmaline. Both emit a low heat when activated that produces a calming sensation. Meditating with jade and tourmaline provide heightened feelings of well-being and reduced symptoms of anxiety. You will be able to refocus yourself and revitalize your energy.(2)

  • Cleansing Stones

    Another property commonly attributed to jade and tourmaline is their cleansing power. In the past, these stones would be used in cleansing rituals as a way to clear the body of harmful spirits and toxins. The release of far infrared rays (FIR) is an effect received from jade and tourmaline that has essentially this same effect. FIR has the ability to make you detoxify harmful heavy metals, cancer causing materials, and toxins that are stored in your body. When you come into contact with activated jade and tourmaline gemstones for a period of time, the molecules trapping toxins inside us vibrate and break apart, eliminating the harmful intruders. When this happens, people often see a reduction in fatigue and an improvement in their focus and energy levels. They may experience heightened levels of concentration and they will feel rejuvenated, removing any sense of a sluggish state.(3)

  • Magic Healing Abilities

    Magic Healing Abilities

    One of the more established myths around these stones is their magic healing abilities. As it turns out, this is not such a farfetched claim as one would initially believe. Far-infrared radiation increases energy in the body at a cellular level. When the body has more energy, cells can grow more efficiently. With more efficient cells, the body can heal more readily and effectively.  A study published in the International Journal of Biometeorology concluded that far-infrared therapy increases the temperature of body tissue, resulting in growth-promoting effects.  When far-infrared radiation is enhanced with jade and tourmaline, the negative ion emission triggers additional cell regeneration. By extension, this can create more white blood cells in your body to better combat current illnesses and prevent future ones to come. Additionally, your body will experience an increased blood flow due to the heat from hot stones. This blood flow allows for oxygenation of your blood. With more oxygen in your blood, your body is able to better regulate inflammation, muscle spasms, joint pain, and soreness. The healing qualities of jade and tourmaline are no myth; in fact they are scientifically proven to help people dealing with a range of medical issues ranging in severity from a sprained ankle to chronic arthritis.(45)