Jade Stone Benefits

Jade is a natural gemstone that has always been valued for its beauty and healing qualities. When most people think of jade, they usually think of its captivating green radiance. But there is really a lot more to jade than just its beauty. Many civilizations throughout history have valued jade for its protective nature and healing ability. These include the ancient Mayans, Chinese, and even the Māori of New Zealand – all of whom were separated by thousands of miles but still shared the same adoration for this mystical stone. It has also been used for spiritual purposes. This is because jade protects your body and mind from negativity while giving you a sense of love and compassion. When you feel the healing power of jade, you’ll experience a balanced harmony between body and mind that’ll take your health and wellness to new heights. 

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There are really two different mineral compositions that are referred to as jade: jadeite and nephrite. And while the composition and crystal structure may be different, they both offer you powerful healing and metaphysical benefits. In ancient China, jade was considered an “imperial gem” and was a valued part of the culture, even being incorporated into artistic traditions and medicine. It was symbolic of a pure and clear mind and became associated with spiritual awareness. Many people in China and East Asia today still value jade in the same ways. In other ancient civilizations throughout the world, jade was used as a treatment for pain inside the body as well as ceremonial and religious decorations. 

Even though the ancient healing properties of jade can’t be proven, we are aware today of how jade actually affects the mind, body, and soul. Jade is able to process far-infrared heat and release it 4 to 6 inches into your muscles and joints. Far infrared heat has many therapeutic and rehabilitation benefits, from assisting your body heal after an injury to improving circulation. When your circulation is enhanced, your body is better able to absorb nutrients and oxygen, directly leading to expedited relief. Jade is also considered a cleansing crystal that detoxifies your body. At HealthyLine, many of our mats combine jade with amethyst and/or tourmaline gemstones to amplify the wellness-enhancing benefits we offer.

Jade is also a powerful conductor of negative ions. When your body absorbs negative ions, they counteract the harmful effects of positive ions. These positive ions can damage your respiratory system, leading to unfavorable health effects for the rest of your body. Negative ions are also good for promoting cell regeneration which can help your body function better and assist it in combating and preventing illnesses. Not only can negative ions help your physical body, but they can also heal your mind and improve your emotional state. The Columbia University Medical Center conducted a study that found that negative ions were 50% effective at restoring energy levels and improving overall mood in patients. Since jade is one of the best gemstones to release negative ions, we at HealthyLine incorporate its seemingly “magical” powers into our mats to give you profound healing results.

Jade Stone Healing Properties and Benefits

The mental and emotional benefits of jade go beyond improving your mood and energy levels. Jade is known to combat negativity inside and outside your body. What this means is that you’ll be better able to regulate your stress and have the ability to prevent negative people and situations from bringing you down. It also has been known to enhance feelings of courage and wisdom, helping you improve your self-confidence and motivation. You’ll also achieve a higher state of mental clarity. This is because jade clears your mind of distractions, allowing you to prioritize your attention on the matters that are most important in your life.

Jade is considered by many to be the ultimate dream stone. When you gently place jade on your forehead, you allow yourself to experience more insightful dreams that can stimulate your daily thought processes. It also helps you remember your dreams and gives you a better night’s rest. This is why HealthyLine’s therapy mats are so effective at relaxing you to sleep! By improving your sleep and dream process, you will be able to release suppressed emotions deep inside of you and channel spiritual awareness.

Jade gemstones are strongly connected to your heart chakra. This is the central chakra point in your body that regulates your individual feelings and how you interact with the outside world. When your heart is closed, it’s easier for you to harbor feelings of anger and jealousy. But when it’s open, you’ll discover feelings of love and compassion that help you connect with everyone you cross paths with. This is why jade is often called a crystal of love. It also helps heal feelings of self-doubt to give you a better sense of self-esteem and an optimistic outlook on life. 

What is jade stone good for?

Because of the holistic benefits jade offers, we knew that we had to include this mystical gemstone in our products. You can use HealthyLine mats in a variety of ways to improve your health and wellness. As mentioned before, our mats are perfect for sleep improvement because jade calms your mind and body so you can sleep more soundly. They can also supplement your yoga or exercise routines and are even capable of easing you into a trance-like state of meditation. Even if you simply want to relax and alleviate stress, our mats are great to lie on after a long day and some can even be used while you’re at work or traveling, giving you the healing power of jade wherever you are. Read more about Aura Amethyst Stone Benefits

It’s really no surprise that jade has been cherished by so many people for thousands of years. It’s holistic approach to healing has helped millions of people achieve a healthier and more well-balanced life. It can relieve your physical discomfort, improve your energy and mood, enhance mental clarity, and so much more. If you truly want a natural way to take your health and wellness to an elevated state, then look no further than our HealthyLine mats with jade gemstones!