If you’re in the market for a PEMF device, it pays to know what makes a good PEMF device before you commit

At this point, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has grown a reputation for being extremely useful for health and wellness. To date, there are multiple forms of PEMF devices that are available for use and/or purchase. These PEMF devices have varying degrees of efficiency as well as various price points. As such, it is important to have as much information as possible on what constitutes a good PEMF device. Here we will discuss what qualities the best PEMF devices have and what qualities to steer clear from.


What is PEMF?

PEMF therapy is a great way to achieve better levels of wellness with something as common as magnets  

PEMF therapy is a form of holistic natural therapy that makes use of magnetic forces impacting the magnetic fields of your body’s cells. Since our molecules all have some form of electromagnetic charge attached to them, the process of using pulsed electromagnetic fields to manipulate them is meant to reset them, reestablishing wellness within the body. Magnetic fields are a naturally occurring phenomenon in the human body and within the world. With a PEMF device, those magnetic fields are delivered in pulses.

Multiple studies have been conducted with PEMF therapy to determine its impactfulness in helping people achieve better levels of wellness. Many tests have yielded favorable results, hence the influx of PEMF enabled devices. With many of these devices, all that is required is to place it against your body in some way. With the device in close proximity to you, the magnetic pulses would be able to properly influence your wellness levels. 


What are the Benefits of Using PEMF Devices?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help to reestablish movement and alleviate muscle and joint pain

PEMF therapy grants the body several benefits immediately and when applied over time. Aside from a general feeling of wellness, PEMF therapy helps to alleviate pain temporarily. Studies have shown that people who have undergone PEMF therapy reported a significant reduction in pain from their recorded ailments. In the same way that cold therapy works, PEMF therapy has the ability to soothe aches and pains in muscles and joints. The benefit lies in the absence of temperature. Using a PEMF device can’t damage your nerves like a cold compress. This is especially useful for those who have trouble feeling differences in temperature.

Another benefit of using PEMF devices is that it temporarily increases the circulation where it is applied. In many injury instances, increasing the circulation to the area of the injury can help to heal it even faster (so long as the injury is not fresh or inflamed). Further studies have shown that when PEMF therapy is applied to certain areas of the body, it dilates the arteries in that area and improves the flow of blood without increasing the temperature of the surrounding area or causing the heart rate to spike.

Yet another benefit of PEMF therapy is its impact on migraines and depression. It’s a well known fact that depression can be a symptom of migraine attacks. However, using PEMF therapy can help to improve your mood without inflicting any bodily damage. Migraine attacks can be crippling events that take you out of commission for days. One of the biggest symptoms associated with migraine attacks is the way that it can cause your mood to fluctuate. PEMF therapy can help to both alleviate symptoms of depression as well as reduce the impact of migraine attacks.

The benefits of using PEMF devices are many, and they don’t come with many inherent risks. However, it is important to know the differences between good and bad PEMF devices.

What Makes a Good PEMF Device?

The TAJ-Mat™ Full 7428 Firm - Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro® is a great PEMF device to help you achieve your wellness goals


PEMF devices that are high quality have similar qualities and capabilities. There are certain things you want to look for when looking to use or purchase a PEMF device. 

Good PEMF devices have adjustable levels for their PEMF settings, allowing for unique settings to be achieved and a unique PEMF therapy session to be available whenever and (in some cases) wherever you want. One of the best examples is the TAJ-Mat Full 7224 Firm

The TAJ Mat Full is already equipped with PEMF technology, and you can get all of its benefits simply by lying on the mat. However, there are other forms of natural therapies that are included in the TAJ Mat Full. 

In addition to pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, the TAJ Mat Full also includes far infrared therapy, an essential part of human life. This particular form of therapy penetrates deep into the body to help improve circulation and mitigate pain, stiffness, and inflammation (much like PEMF). 

Negative ion therapy helps to purify the body as well as improve your mood. This form of therapy works by clearing your body of harmful toxins while increasing oxygen flow. Most importantly, negative ion therapy counteracts positive ions in the environment that can cause harm to your body.

The mat also includes photon light therapy, a form of therapy that helps to keep your skin healthy. Through the use of red lights, photon light therapy helps to create new cells in your body to replace older, deteriorated cells.

The TAJ Mat Full also includes heated stone therapy, which helps to soothe muscles and improves local circulation. Hot stones make your body more sensitive to physical therapy like massages or chiropractic work.


In Conclusion

When making a selection on a PEMF device, knowing the benefits of the device first can help to inform your decision before you make a purchase. PEMF devices can vary in size, style, benefits, and much more. Knowing what kind of device can best serve your needs can save you money and a headache down the road.

If you’d like to know more about our PEMF devices, you can take a look at our selection of mats and other accessories here.

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