Amethyst Stone Benefits

Amethyst has been used to treat ailments, dating back to ancient Greece. Our ancient ancestors noticed its mystic powers. Amethyst has thwarted alcoholism and aided warriors in battle. It has been used anywhere from the Christian church to ancient Egypt, and is the birthstone for Pisces. This is a beautiful stone, recognized easily by distinct purple hues. Because of its beauty and therapeutic powers, amethyst is still used to this day. Amethyst is best known for its balancing properties; when you feel the benefits of amethyst, your physical and mental issues are collectively healed.

How are the benefits of amethyst delivered? In its natural state, amethyst delivers infrared light; this is why amethyst delivers infrared radiation in the steadiest way. Infrared radiation is the source of light from the sun that supports living beings, and by itself boasts tremendous health properties. This crystal emits negative ions and far infrared radiation when heated, but the infrared radiation generated by amethyst exemplifies when the amethyst comes into contact with heat. HealthyLine designed heating pads specially crafted with amethyst. When the heat comes in contact with amethyst, the stone begins to vibrate. This produces rays that are absorbed into the skin. These light waves penetrate as far as six inches into the skin, even coming in contact with your tissues. When the effects of amethyst are penetrated in your tissues, chronic pain is diminished.

It’s the strength of the light waves that is the cause of amethyst’s healing powers. The healing begins at a cellular level. This is caused by negative ions, which are molecules that gain a positive charge. You commonly find negative ions in nature, and they give you those “positive vibes” when you’re in the great outdoors. These negative ions react with amethyst and influence your cells to regenerate. When the activity starts in the simplest form, it helps to make changes to your body as a whole. Your blood will be purified; when your blood increases in health, so does the function of the cells. Negative ions deliver oxygen and nutrients to your bloodstream that moves to your organs. This process is why amethyst aids with detoxing the body. With purification starting at a cellular and blood level, these benefits only transport throughout your body. Your nerves will be stronger and your immune system will be better supported.

When far infrared combines with the energy of amethyst, it transitions to overall physical and mental health. Purification is one of the many steps in detoxifying the body. This starts with blood circulation; when blood is circulated well through your veins, oxygen, and nutrients are carried to your organs. This is a major healing component, healing inflammation and relaxing your muscles and joints.

Amethyst stone properties

When you first lie down on one of HealthyLine’s amethyst mats, you’ll start feeling the effects immediately. That’s because the short-term effects target your mental state. How does this happen? Amethyst relaxes the mind and targets the nervous system. This helps alleviate any anxiety. You’ll feel purified and relaxed. This is the start of targeting your sleep. Bouts of insomnia are eliminated by the relaxing feeling of lying on a warm amethyst mat. Read more about Red Jasper Stone Benefits

This is why HealthyLine mats are perfect for meditation. To live a healthy life, you need to start with rest and relaxation. You need to have time out of the day to settle down, relaxing your brain and body. But not many people receive enough sleep; the stresses of life impose upon this time of relaxation, preventing us from going to sleep. Not getting enough snooze time is linked to a variety of other physical issues: anxiety, headaches, muscle cramps and irregular digestive patterns. One of the many effects amethyst gives you is serenity, and is increased when mixed with heat. When you finish your session, feelings of tranquility overtake you. HealthyLine mats are also designed with jade and tourmaline, and amethyst heightens the properties of those stones.

As well as targeting anxiety, amethyst also controls addiction and depression. Whether meditating or just lying on the mat, negative emotions are expelled from your system. In the long-term, you’ll have better control of your mental state. This is where amethyst combats addiction, such as alcoholism. One of the many uses amethyst is famous for is increasing a sober mind. A sober mind is met with a sober body; the functions of your liver, kidney, and colon will improve without interference from toxins. This will ultimately aid digestion. When you break bad habits, your healthier habits increase. This leads to a better diet and exercise regimen. With a focused mind and proactive attitude, weight loss is common for those who regularly meditate with heated amethyst. Defeating negative and depressive thoughts while gaining a sense of control will put you in a more positive position in your life.

While sobering the mental mind, amethyst also works hard at improving your physical body. When heated, amethyst stimulates the nervous system. By doing this, your hormonal balance will be restored as well as your pH levels. This occurs because your endocrine glands perform better. Positive feelings affect your body as a whole. This is especially important in regard to your immune system. With amethyst therapy, you’ll find your immune system to be more effective and you’ll feel stronger. With the introduction of negative ions in your body, years of pollution and other toxins will be repelled. Amethyst aids in cleansing the body, ridding the body of these toxins through purification. Also read more about Quartz Stone Benefits

Amethyst has a rich history, and that’s because of its results. This crystal targets health at the root: through cellular reproduction, relaxation, and control of the mind. HealthyLine’s mats heat with electromagnetic waves and are made with infrared radiation and negative ions. The benefits of natural energy exemplify the healing powers of amethyst. You’ll be left with mental clarity, physical health and better control of your mind. These are the reasons why HealthyLine includes amethyst crystals in our mat — no matter what health issue you’re trying to tackle, amethyst will be able to aid you.