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far infrared gemstone PEMF mats designed for wellness

and pain management.

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Revolutionizing PEMF Mats and Far-Infrared Mats

HealthyLine’s revolutionary PEMF mats and far-infrared mats are designed to improve your health and wellness using natural gemstone heat therapy. Our nature-inspired medical devices will enable you to feel good all year round.

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Most Advanced PEMF Mats
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Patented PEMF/FIR Technology
Be a part of a unique community to ever experience the powerful patented combination of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) & FIR (Far Infrared Ray) therapies. The benefits of these two dynamic therapies are unmatched and you can only experience from HealthyLine.
Combination of 5 therapies (PEMF, FIR, heat, negative ions, photon therapies)
Gain a complete wellness experience with a combination of up to 5 therapies. Rejuvenate your body from the inside out when you receive the benefits of PEMF, Heat, FIR, Negative Ion, and Photon Light Therapies.
Pemf Infrared Gemstone Ion Photon
Highest Quality Materials and Labor
Indulge in your wellness experience with a clear mind knowing that our certifications (including being FDA registered) guarantee that only the highest quality of technology and medical-grade materials are used in our devices.
Up to 21 functional layers.
Every detail of enhancing your wellness is skillfully crafted into each layer of our devices. Everything is considered from your safety and comfort to the impact of each therapy included in your device.
Certified Semi-Precious Stones
Experience history’s oldest and most natural remedies for the mind, body, and soul. Feel the benefits of our semi-precious gemstones elevate with the combination of each additional therapy.
Unique PEMF with changeable waves/intensity (selected models)
Take control over your recovery with the ability to customize our groundbreaking PEMF technology. Maximize your results by adjusting your PEMF settings to match your body’s exact needs.
Advanced EMF Protection
Feel protected with our advanced EMF shielding measures. Each HealthyLine device goes through intensive testing prior to going to market to ensure that you are safe while using our devices.
Used by Doctors and Chiropractors
Benefit from the same devices that doctors and chiropractors are using across the globe. We set out to make medical-grade devices affordable 
so regular consumers can also experience their remarkable benefits.
US Based Customer Service
Our customer service team is the most important department inside of HealthyLine. It is built on resolving inquiries in a timely fashion, having compassion in each interaction, and being knowledgeable in all things HealthyLine to ensure your satisfaction.

90 Days Free Trial

Take up to 90 days to guarantee your satisfaction risk free. Receive a full refund (* less return shipping fee) when you return your device within 90 days of your purchase.

5 Year Extended Warranty

Receive a new replacement device for any manufacturing issues that occur in 5 years*.
*Conditions apply

5 Year Extended Warranty

Lifetime Trade-in/Upgrade

Trade-in or upgrade your mat in any condition and receive 50% of the purchase price towards a brand new mat of the same value or more….for life.

Lifetime Trade-in/Upgrade

Over 500,000 Satisfied Customers

You can place your trust in over 500,000 examples. Our growing list of satisfied customers is a testament to our commitment of enhancing wellness in lives of people all over the world.

Over 500,000 Satisfied Customers


One of the best investments that I did for my health. It’s a great line with excellent customer service; always available to answer your questions and guide you to find the best mat for your needs without a sales pitch. Ever since I started using their mats I feel so much better, much much less pain & function better! I am so happy and satisfied with the product that I bought and gave to some friends. I highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you for making them!
I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist who uses Healthyline products both personally and professionally. I've had some pretty extensive communication with their excellent customer service, and I stand behind the benefits of using these products.
Derek S.
Derek S.
I am skeptical of many natural health product claims. As a critical care nurse and soldier, you learn to be fairly pragmatic about most things. I literally have come to love and likely can’t live without my mat now. Having suffered torn muscles, fractured vertebrae and herniated disks in my lumbar and insomnia thanks to aspects of my professions, I rely on my mat to reduce chronic pain and help with sleep on a daily and nightly basis. My first mat suffered some sort of failure and during the ten days waiting for the replacement, I definitely noticed a significant increase in pain and sleep. Customer / warranty service was excellent and without hassle. This company stands by their products. I am considering the full length mat in near future.
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