Whether at work or during a long commute, a portable PEMF device can go far in keeping your wellness levels high and your body in good working condition.

While constantly on the go, it’s not uncommon to experience any kind of discomfort. Whether you feel tired, experience muscle aches, or are simply stressed, it can often be hard to focus on and treat your discomfort. Luckily there are some devices designed not only to help with pain, but be portable too. One example of these products is a portable PEMF device!

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, or PEMF therapy, has been demonstrated through studies to provide a litany of benefits to those who use the therapy regularly. However, it can be difficult to experience these benefits on a regular basis when you’re always on the go. Many of us have to work five days a week, have to commute a way to get to that place of work, and have to stay at our place of work for at least eight hours a day. That doesn’t leave us with a lot of time left to focus on our wellness. It is at these times that a portable PEMF device works wonders in providing those natural benefits when you want them and, more importantly, where you want them.

What are the Unique Benefits of a Portable PEMF Device?

If you’re well versed in PEMF therapy, you know the benefits it can provide. Pain relief, muscle relaxation, and relief from stress among other things that define the usefulness of PEMF devices. When describing a portable PEMF device, however, there are a different set of benefits that accompany these apparatuses.

A portable PEMF device can be used in situations when you may need PEMF therapy the most. Whether during your commute or at work (and depending on what job you have) you might spend most of your time in a seated position. Staying seated for most of the day means you live a sedentary lifestyle, which certainly is not the most healthy lifestyle to lead. Staying seated over long periods of the day can lead to dangerous habits forming within your body. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to your metabolism slowing down, causing you to gain weight and create other health problems. High cholesterol, diabetes, weakened muscles, weakened bones, and even a weaker immune system altogether, can all be symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle. These things may sound frightening, but for many of us, they might also seem inescapable. 

With the addition of a portable PEMF device, you can help prevent some of these outcomes just from using your device during the day. Your device can directly counteract many of the ailments brought on by a sedentary lifestyle. A PEMF device can improve your circulation, keeping blood and oxygen flowing to the areas of the body that need it. A PEMF device can help to keep your muscles loose and relaxed while you aren’t using them. A PEMF device can provide relief from long bouts of sitting, which can cause your body to cramp and seize up. 

HealthyLine PEMF Mats for Relief On-The-Go!

The HealthyLine TAO-Mat™ 4018 Firm - PEMF InfraMat Pro® is the only choice for affordable PEMF therapy available when and where you need it.


HealthyLine offers an exceptional option for a portable PEMF device in the form of the TAO-Mat™ 4018 Firm – Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro®. This foldable, flexible mat offers four natural therapies that can be enacted at any time to provide you with exceptional levels of wellness at your convenience. Each of the four natural therapies contributes something beneficial to your wellbeing. PEMF therapy helps to relax and soothe muscles while also calming the mind for better concentration and focus, heated stone therapy amplifies the ability to help muscles recover, negative ion therapy helps to improve the environment around the user by neutralizing particles in the air, and far-infrared therapy that helps to enhance heat therapy providing deep penetrating therapy to further benefit your muscles and joints.                              

In Conclusion

As far as portable PEMF devices go, HealthyLine has one of the best ones around in the TAO Mat Firm. The benefits of PEMF therapy made available wherever you are can be invaluable to your health. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and you’re looking for ways to counteract the negative effects, consider picking up a TAO Mat Firm for yourself or someone you know could benefit from one.

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