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While constantly on the go, it’s not uncommon to experience any kind of discomfort. Whether you feel tired, experience muscle aches, or are simply stressed, it can often be hard to focus on and treat your discomfort. Luckily there are some devices designed not only to help with pain, but be lightweight enough to bring with you on-the-go to fight discomfort whenever it arises. One example of these products is a lightweight PEMF device!

Pulsed electromagnetic fields, or PEMF, has been demonstrated through studies to provide a litany of benefits to those who use it  regularly. However, it can be difficult to experience these benefits on a regular basis when you’re always on the go. Many of us have to work five days a week, have to commute a long-way to get to that place of work, and have to stay at work for at least eight hours a day. That doesn’t leave us with a lot of time left to focus on our wellness. It is at these moments  that a lightweight and compact PEMF device works wonders in providing those natural benefits when you want them and, more importantly, when  you need them!

What are the Unique Benefits of a Lightweight PEMF Device?

If you’re already knowledgeable about PEMF, you’ve likely heard about the potential  benefits it can provide. The common benefits often discussed include pain relief, muscle relaxation, and relief from stress among other things. So, are there any drawbacks for using a lightweight and compact PEMF device?

To answer simply: no! With a lightweight PEMF device, you may not get a full body experience but you are able to target specific areas of the body whenever, wherever.

A lightweight PEMF device can be used in situations when you may need PEMF the most. Whether during your commute or at work (and depending on what job you have) you might spend most of your time in a seated position. Staying seated for most of the day means you live a sedentary lifestyle, which certainly is not the most healthy lifestyle to lead. Staying seated over long periods of the day can lead to dangerous habits forming within your body. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to your metabolism slowing down, causing you to gain weight and create other health problems. High cholesterol, diabetes, weakened muscles, weakened bones, and even a weaker immune system  can all be symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle. These things may sound frightening, but for many of us, they may  also seem inescapable. 

With the addition of a lightweight PEMF device, you can help prevent some of these outcomes just from using your device during the day. For example, if you are sitting at your desk and start to feel the first signs of discomfort, you’ll have your PEMF device there waiting to provide comfort and relaxation!

A PEMF device can temporarily improve circulation where applied, keeping blood and oxygen flowing to the areas of the body that need it. PEMF can help to keep your muscles loose and relaxed while you aren’t using them. A PEMF device can provide relief from long bouts of sitting, which can cause your body to cramp and seize up. 

A lightweight PEMF device is also great for those who travel often and experience travel-related discomfort. There are many PEMF devices on the market that are compact and travel-friendly, letting “frequent flyers” get the relief they need when on the move!

HealthyLine’s Lightweight PEMF Pads for Relief On-The-Go!

At HealthyLine, we wanted to create PEMF devices not just for full-body wellness at home, but also one that is lightweight and compact for on-the-go wellness! The TAJ-Mat™ Small 2020 is just one of our PEMF devices created for that purpose. Not only does it feature PEMF, but also hot gemstone, far infrared, negative ion, and photon light therapies. Because it has a sturdy surface, it is great to place on the back of a desk chair or flat on the floor for back relief. 

Another example of one of our lightweight PEMF pads is the TAO-Mat® Small 1818 Photon Matrix PEMF. It still features PEMF and the functionalities featured in the TAJ 2020 but with a targeted photon light matrix. The TAO 1818 is also more flexible than the TAJ 2020, making it still great to lie flat or place in a chair as well as having the ability to wrap around certain areas of the body such as the legs or arms. Either of these two PEMF devices are designed with convenience of use and on-the-go wellness, so be sure to get yours today!


In Conclusion

Discomfort doesn’t wait for when it’s convenient – it can hit at any moment! That’s why it’s important to have the tools ready to ensure discomfort doesn’t stop you in your tracks. A lightweight and compact PEMF device is excellent to ensure wellness whenever and wherever. If you’re looking for an on-the-go PEMF device, HealthyLine has got you covered! We even include other natural therapies to create a wellness experience like no other.

Check out our collection of products and learn more about how you can start living your healthiest life today!

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