Arthritis is a debilitating state that can rob you of your ability to perform basic functions. PEMF arthritis treatment can help you keep your functions intact.

Suffering from any kind of pain can be a speed bump you have to go over every day. Specifically, arthritis can make you feel stiff and rigid–almost as if your body is unwilling to do simple movements. There are a few ways to deal with arthritis such as medication or physical therapy, but did you know PEMF can help with arthritis pain, too?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, also known as PEMF, is a revolutionary method of holistic, natural healing that influences your body to optimize healing. The list of ailments that PEMF therapy has been effective against seems to grow as more information about the process undergoes more clinical research. One of the most recognized uses of PEMF therapy is the ability to handle the symptoms of arthritis. Here we will discuss what PEMF is and how it can be used to deal with arthritis.


What is PEMF?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help to alleviate pain in your body where applied.

PEMF therapy is a natural method of managing pain and discomfort that can be implemented with the use of pulsating magnetic fields emitted from an electromagnetic system. PEMF therapy helps to alleviate the symptoms of various ailments, helping to increase wellness by improving the body’s natural ability to heal itself. In other instances, PEMF therapy has shown great promise in dealing with symptoms of depression, migraines, and even diabetes. 

Similar to how heat and cryotherapy work on the body, PEMF helps to soothe muscles after strenuous exercise or other activities. The upside to using PEMF therapy is that there are no extreme temperatures to deal with in order to attain results. Extreme heat or extreme cold has the potential to damage both your skin and your nerves with prolonged use. PEMF therapy, on the other hand, does not impact your skin with extreme temperatures, allowing you to use the therapy for as long as you want with no adverse effects. 

There are other notable advantages to using PEMF therapy. One great benefit of PEMF therapy is that it can temporarily increase local circulation. If you use a larger PEMF device, you can widen the area on your body that receives this particular benefit. Improved circulation leads to speedier bodily recovery from injuries. 


How Does PEMF Arthritis Treatment Work?

PEMF arthritis treatment helps to reconstruct bone, protect your joints against further degradation, inflammation, and pain

Arthritis is one of the more common forms of joint issues that you can deal with. The symptoms of arthritis include swelling and tenderness in your joints accompanied by stiffness and pain. Arthritis can appear at any time in your life, but it usually appears later on in adulthood and progressively worsens over time. 

There are multiple forms of arthritis, but two of the most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis involves naturally occurring damage to your joints, only sped along by possible infection or other external issues. The lining of your joints wears away with osteoarthritis, and too much wear and tear on your cartilage can induce swelling and inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis sees the body attack itself like an autoimmune reaction. In this particular situation, the body’s immune system attacks your joints. Over time both cartilage and bone can end up being eaten away and destroyed.

Some forms of arthritis might not be so familiar but are forms of arthritis nonetheless. For instance, gout is a form of arthritis that focuses on the toes and can move towards the knees and hands. Another form of arthritis is Lupus, an autoimmune disease that can become way more serious than other forms of arthritis. Lupus is one form of arthritis that cannot be explained by doctors, but it can attack your joints, your organs, and even your brain.

Arthritis can cause severe issues later in life. Your ability to move your limbs and carry out simple tasks can become severely impaired. Studies have shown that PEMF therapy can be instrumental in handling pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. In addition, PEMF arthritis treatment can also help with the restructuring of bone disfigured over time. This places PEMF therapy as a prime alternative for arthritis therapy.


What’s A Good PEMF Device?

HealthyLine Platinum Mat Full 7224 Firm - Photon Advanced PEMF InfraMat Pro

HealthyLine produces a wide variety of PEMF devices, all of which are paired with other natural therapies to promote an overall improvement in health and wellness. But out of all of them, the Platinum Mat 7224 is the best-of-the best! It features a fully customizable PEMF that allows you to adjust the PEMF frequency, intensity, waveform, and pulse duration to achieve certain health outcomes. You can create over 600 billion combinations of PEMF! And even if you’re unsure what settings to use, it includes 12 preset programs that are activated at the touch of a button. Aside from that, the Platinum Mat 7224 includes all of our other natural therapies, taking wellness to a whole new level!

In Conclusion

Arthritis afflicts millions of people every day. The older we get, the more susceptible we are to suffering from arthritis. Also, the longer we suffer from arthritis, the worse the affliction can become. Having a way to help deal with this issue and the symptoms it brings on can be invaluable. Some bouts of arthritis can end up robbing you of your ability to move around freely and complete menial daily tasks. Hundreds of different variations of arthritis exist and can become major issues in the future.

PEMF arthritis treatment has shown great promise in helping to alleviate the more prominent symptoms. Handling things like pain, inflammation, and bone disfigurement while providing joints with protection for joints makes pulsed electromagnetic field therapy a suitable remedy. With very few side effects associated with the use of PEMF therapy, there are virtually no downsides to treating your arthritis in this manner. 

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