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Let’s do a thought experiment like one of those that Albert Einstein is famous for. Except, unlike Einstein, we won’t be using any math or concerning ourselves with science (per se). Instead, let’s imagine we are on a nice path surrounded by nature on all sides. This path leads through green foliage and colorful flowers. Up ahead, is a mountain that’s covered with snow. There is nothing around us. There is no one around us. We seem to have forgotten all of our worries and are out here breathing the fresh, freeing air. 

Doesn’t this sound nice? Doesn’t it sound like the sort of thing you should do every weekend? 

Now, imagine this for a moment. Keep that feeling with you. What do you feel when you’re out in this natural wonder? Peace, right? You feel free. You feel a sense of euphoria. 

Why do you feel that way? Well, partly because you are somewhere that doesn’t involve work emails or phone calls—somewhere that you don’t have to worry about all the work-a-day things. But, it’s also because of a memory. What memory? Well, any memory you have of experiencing the outdoors. You remember that feeling of serenity and peace. 

Where does the root of this feeling come from? It comes from something called negative ions. 

“Negative what?” You ask, thinking that this doesn’t sound good. Negative ions, despite their name, are actually really positive. 

What are negative ions? They’re small particles (subatomic, to be exact) that are found in nature (like the scene we mentioned above). These little ions have been shown to generate positive emotions in people. Hence the positive feelings we were just talking about. 

The good thing is, these positive atoms can be created right at home with negative ion therapy. 

In this blog post, we will answer the questions you probably have right now: “What is negative ion therapy?” and “How does it work?” We will answer these questions below. Keep reading to learn more about negative ions.


What are Negative Ions? 

These little things are all around us. Especially when we are out in nature. Negative ions can easily sound like things that could harm us, but trust me, they do the exact opposite. Negative ions deliver a plethora of positive health and wellness benefits. In fact, it’s positive ions that are negative (go figure).

What are ions—negative or positive? This is a good question. You likely have a recollection of learning this in science class, but let’s help you remember. Ions are molecules that can carry a positive or negative charge. So, as you can see, negative ions have, as you can imagine, a negative charge, and positive ions have (drumroll) a positive charge. 

How are negative ions created? Well, nothing can be created or destroyed, as the Law of Conservation of Energy states, but things can be changed. Negative ions can be generated by radiation from the sun knocking off electrons or adding electrons to an atom which gives it either a positive or negative charge. This is why negative ions are so prominently found in nature. 


How Negative Ions Work

So what is an ion? It is a particle that has gained or lost an electron. Therefore (let’s break it down): 

  • A positive ion is a particle that has lost an electron, making it positive; 
  • A negative ion is a particle that has gained an electron, making it negative.

It’s vital to note that an electron is the negatively-charged part of an atom. 

The great thing about negative ions is that they can attach themselves to pathogens or allergens in the air. By doing this, they can render these particles inactive. This is why air ionizers are so popular. They can release negative ions that destroy particles that could cause allergies or illness. However, dust, mold spores, and pollen are not rendered inactive by negative ions.

Because negative ions are produced by natural elements, they are rarely found in cities, and areas that lack natural splendor. This is why negative ions have become so important. And why air ionizers and other devices that produce negative ions have become so popular.

Studies have demonstrated that smaller negative ions can be absorbed more easily by the body and provide countless health benefits. Let’s learn about those benefits. 

Negative Ion Benefits 

Negative ions deliver health and wellness benefits that researchers have shown can improve the well-being of the user. Here are some of the most popular and positive benefits of negative ions

  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased irritability
  • Enhanced relaxation
  • Eliminated allergens  
  • Potentially relieve depression symptoms

Negative ions can increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and around the body. This can improve alertness, reduce fatigue, and enhance mental agility. In fact, research by Columbia University found that people with the seasonal affective disorder (or seasonal depression) that were introduced to negative ions from a generator found some depression relief—in fact, it was just as much relief as those who took antidepressants.

Other research has shown that negative ions can help people who suffer from allergies. Research suggests that allergens can be reduced with the use of negative ions; more research is needed. 

How to Get More Negative Ions

Showerheads can produce negative ions

Here are just some of the ways you can receive the healthful benefit of negative ions: 

  • Shower: That’s right, a shower can help you receive negative ions.
  • Air Ionizers: Designed to purify air using electricity to produce negative ions, air ionizers distribute negative ions through your home. You can purchase an air ionizer as part of your HVAC system or as its own unit. UK hospitals demonstrated air ionizer’s effectiveness. The National Health Service (NHS) researched the effectiveness of air ionizers for purification. The end result was that air ionizers decreased infection rates in the hospital. 
  • Negative Ion Bracelets: Most negative ion bracelets are made of silicone and are designed to promote health and wellness. Such positive effects associated with bracelets are: better energy, better moods, and enhancing the health of the individual wearer.
  • Gemstone Heat Therapy Mats: Many gemstones naturally produce negative ions when heated. When heated, gemstone mats will generate negative ions. This helps enhance and improve the release of negative ions. 


The Dangers of Negative Ions 

We can’t rightly go over negative ions without also addressing some concerns that researchers have about the use of negative ions. Though negative ions do offer a lot of healthful positive benefits, some negative things can be associated with negative ions. 

The products that deliver negative ions (air ionizers, negative ion bracelets, heat therapy devices) could be exposing users to adverse health conditions.

For example, bracelets that deliver negative ions could be generating higher levels of radiation. Some studies suggest that silicone bands could release upwards of three times the amount of radiation that a normal user would be exposed to when not wearing the silicone band. 

Though this may sound concerning, researchers, like the vice president for safety, health, environment & risk management at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, have concluded that this dose of radiation is not a significant amount and that it’s not something to be concerned with. But again, it’s something to think about. 

Final Thoughts 

Drawing of an atom with electrons 

Now that you know the answer to your questions “what is negative ion therapy?” and “how does it work?” you can start thinking about how you can receive negative ion therapy so you can enhance your health, wellness, and overall well-being. 

Just a quick recap: negative ions can benefit your overall health and wellness. They deliver several positive benefits including:

  • Enhanced relaxation
  • Better sleep
  • Ridding the air of allergens
  • And much more. 

Though there are some positive benefits, there are a small number of negative benefits associated with negative ions. Let’s go through those briefly. It is said that negative ions (that usually come from gemstones) can increase radiation exposure. Though, this is negligible; it is still something to consider. 

But remember, there are a lot of ways to experience negative ions safely. Such as by using a HealthyLine device.

HealthyLine offers a wide range of negative ion therapy devices that can enhance your well-being. Since 2013, HealthyLine has been the leading innovator in gemstone heat therapy technology. Based in New York, our luxury health and wellness products incorporate natural materials combining various technologies, such as negative ions therapy, hot stone therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), far-infrared therapy (FIR),  photon light therapy, and magnetic therapy to create advanced heating pads and devices designed for your health and wellness.

Find the right negative ion therapy mat for you or a family member today! 


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