Sometimes your dog will get cold, and not all dogs are made to handle low temperatures. This is where a heated dog bed can come in handy.

Your dog is a beloved part of your family. Many people treat their canine friends like their own children. They provide hours of entertainment, are always happy to see us when we come home from work, and they’ll follow us wherever we go, sometimes to the ends of the earth! This means that there is nothing we wouldn’t do for our pets, and that includes keeping them comfortable and safe in extreme temperatures. But is a heated dog bed necessary for your canine companion? Here we will discuss the benefits of having a heated dog bed for your pet, what things to look out for, and potential issues.

What Benefits Come With a Heated Dog Bed?

Being a natural pack animal, dogs will try to cuddle up to others in order to share their body heat and keep everyone warm. If they have the opportunity to do so, they’ll cuddle up with you too.

When the temperature starts to drop (or is just flat-out cold in some places) it’s very important to keep the safety of your pet in mind. Dogs normally like to cuddle up with other dogs or with a family member to try and stay warm when they are cold. Normally this type of behavior falls to smaller dogs as bigger dogs don’t have this problem. 

Smaller dogs with short hair might need to have a heated dog bed in order to sleep safely at night, especially if they sleep alone. Colder temperatures can become harmful to small dogs, so a heated bed can not only keep them warm, it can keep them safe.

Warmth isn’t the only benefit of a heated dog bed. For some older dogs that suffer from ailments like arthritis, the warmth of an electric dog bed can help to alleviate some of the pain they experience. Older dogs may have more problems being mobile. Having a warming bed can relax the muscles and improve a dog’s range of motion.

What are the Detriments of a Heated Dog Bed?

Not all heated dog beds are created with your best friend in mind. Some beds don’t provide enough heat, provide too much heat, or cannot withstand the wear and tear of belonging to a dog.

Getting a heated dog bed is a simple endeavor, but not every dog bed is suitable for every dog. Many dogs like to chew and dig into their beds, which can end up destroyed. An electric dog bed can be destroyed as well, but it can also cause much more harm to your pet in a variety of ways. With electric beds and blankets, any dog can easily injure themselves by consuming any electronic parts inside. Another problem that can arise is with the power cord, many of which are not created with pets in mind and can lead a pet to harm themselves by chewing through it.

An issue with artificial heat in a dog bed that people don’t normally consider is the use of regular heating pads on their pets. Heating pads that were made for human beings do not consider the common behaviors or habitats of dogs. In general, people can tolerate higher levels of heat than dogs, so even a temperature of 70 degrees might end up being way too hot for your dog. Plus, some cheap heating pads emit harmful EMFs, or dirty electricity, that can often do more harm than good.

Can Additional Natural Therapies Benefit Your Dog?

The Pet Mat T Medium 3220 Firm - PEMF Inframat Pro® is a smartly designed heated dog mat that implements multiple natural therapies to improve the wellness of your dog.

With some heating mats, there are additional benefits built into the devices, and sometimes those benefits can be superfluous and unnecessary. However, some heated dog beds have additional features that will actually benefit your dog. HealthyLine offers one such mat for your furry best friend in the form of the Pet Mat T Medium 3220 FirmPEMF Inframat Pro®. Built to imitate the mats made for people, the Pet Mat Medium has features that were included specifically to accommodate pets. The controller cord is covered with a bite-proof metallic material that will keep your pet safe from electric shocks or from damaging the mat in general. The same thought went into the mat cover, which is waterproof and durable. HealthyLine even takes the safety precautions to ensure there are no harmful EMFs emitted

In addition to being a heated dog bed, the Pet Mat T Medium provides pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to help stimulate your pet’s wellbeing (as proven in clinical studies). Negative ion therapy helps counteract the harmful build up of positive ions, while far infrared therapy will help your pet to relax, also helping to alleviate deeper seated pain-related issues. With all of these benefits in your pet’s corner, you’ll be ensuring your pet has a therapeutic, temperature controlled mat able to help keep your pet warm, comfortable and well! 

In Conclusion

At some point in time (depending on where you live) it will get cold outside. It might not be possible for you to constantly run the heat in your house or apartment, and you might not let your pet sleep in the bed with you. For this reason, a HealthyLine Pet Mat would be the best thing for your pet to survive the colder winter months.

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