Free Lifetime Trade-In Policy

HealthyLine offers the world’s best lifetime trade-in policy. Regardless of your mat’s condition or if it’s still under warranty, you can always send it to us for a trade-in and use half of its retail price towards a new purchase. So, if something happens to your mat—it is truly never worthless!

For example: You spent $1,500 on a HealthyLine InfraMat Pro® that is 6-years old or accidentally damaged within the warranty period and is now unusable. Do not throw it away! You can send it in and get 50% of the retail price (50% of $1,500 = $750) credited for your new purchase of $1,500 or more. That means you can get the same mat half-priced, or any mat worth more with a discount of $750!  

You can choose another model or set of products, as long as the total amount of purchase is double your trade-in value. As long as it is an original HealthyLine product, it doesn’t matter where or when you bought it! Please note that customers must share a valid proof of purchase regardless of where it was purchased.

You can also use your trade-in credit for a new purchase for an item that costs less than your original purchase. Regardless of the product or trade-in credit amount, only half of the credit can cover a new purchase.

For example, if you sent your product in for trade-in and received $300 in credit and want to get a $400 mat, you can only apply $200 of your credit towards that purchase as that would cover half the cost of the new purchase.

Please note: Bedding, covers, and bracelets are not covered by this program.

Customer is responsible for all shipping expenses.

To take advantage of our policies and before sending any products back to the warehouse, you must speak with an HealthyLine representative who can process the Trade-In details and set you up with a new order credit. Always contact us at before taking any action. 

Please note: You can also purchase a refurbished product, instead of a new one. A refurbished product is half the price of a new model but it only offers a 90-Day manufacturer warranty. No Accident Protection plans can be purchased for a refurbished product.

As with a trade-in for a new product, your credit for trade-in can only cover up to half of the purchase of a refurbished product. So, getting a refurbished mat is a good opportunity to get a bigger or better mat without spending too much extra money. 

Please reach out to our customer service for any assistance with trading in your product for a refurbished item.

HealthyLine reserves the right to void any warranty or refuse policy in the rare case of customer’s dishonesty, scam, false publications, abuse offenses of HealthyLine, or its personnel.