Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, better known by the abbreviation, PEMF, is an alternative treatment process that utilizes pulsing electromagnetic waves in order to recharge cellular energy, which helps to treat a variety of different health problems.

This type of health treatment, which is quickly gaining traction and positive attention in the medical field, is said to be perfect for those who are looking for a form of preventative treatment, who are currently looking for a way to alleviate some of the symptoms of specific health issues, or for those who are simply looking to improve their health altogether.

Because it is such a safe alternative health treatment, causing no negative side-effects or harm to the person receiving the treatment, PEMF is perfect for almost any person, regardless of gender, age, or current health issues.

It is a highly effective form of treatment that works well on its own.

That being said, its safety makes it the perfect treatment to use in combination with other therapies in order to improve the overall effects that PEMF will have on your health.

Since many specialists and sources only focus on PEMF and do not have a comprehensive list of therapies complementary to PEMF, we have compiled a list of such therapies in order to give you some guidance so that you can enhance the benefits of your PEMF therapy regimen.

Let’s take a look at some of these similar therapies that will give you a better overall PEMF therapy experience.


Allopathy and Alternative Treatments Like PEMF

Although the word allopathy can seem a little daunting, allopathy simply refers to the practice of using medications or other medical practices in order to effect changes that combat the symptoms currently being experienced by the body.

If you’ve ever gone to the doctor to get surgery or have taken medication, you have already experienced allopathy.

Allopathy, as we already know, is extremely effective.

It is the main practice utilized in the medical community and it is commonly the most effective since medications and surgeries are backed by heavy amounts of research.

Still, medications and surgeries can often come with a host of undesirable side effects that could make treatment miserable, which is why many turn to alternative health practices.

However, alternative health practices and traditional forms of treatment can work well together and this is especially true in the case of PEMF.

PEMF helps to increase the benefits of traditional treatments through improving blood circulation, dispelling toxins in the body, and helping your cells to react better to allopathic treatments.

For those looking to improve treatment overall, a combination of allopathy and PEMF could work together to help alleviate your health problems and can help you reduce your drug intake as well.


Psychological Therapy Combined With PEMF for Improved Mood

Psychological therapy is heavily recommended for those who are suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and will help them to learn valuable coping skills that will improve their overall quality of life in the face of these mood disorders.

What you may not know is that PEMF is another effective form of treatment for mood disorders.

When used in combination with psychological therapy, the benefits are enhanced.

This is due to the fact that PEMF helps to relax patients and give them the ease they need to get the most out of their therapy sessions.

No matter what type of mental health disorder an individual is currently dealing with, it is important that they reach out for help.

From cognitive-behavioral therapy to talk therapy to psychodynamic therapy, there are plenty of types of psychological therapies out there to help individuals with their mental health issues.

If they already use PEMF, they can take these PEMF sessions prior to calm themselves down and make sure that they are gaining more value from their therapy.


PEMF With Physical Therapy for Faster Recovery Times

Physical therapy is the practice of utilizing a special set of exercises that help individuals to recover from muscle and bone problems, speed up the healing process, and relieve some of the pain that has resulted from their injuries.

Physical therapy is very important after injuries are sustained as this type of therapy will inform you of what movements should be taken in order to help you heal and which ones should be avoided to prevent further pain or injury.

Along with physical therapy, PEMF is an excellent form of therapy that helps to heal bone and tissue, resulting in faster healing and improved movement.

If you are seeking to heal faster and improve your range of motion, using PEMF along with physical therapy can speed up your recovery.

PEMF that is conducted prior to a physical therapy session will also allow you to do your exercises with much less pain and improve your range of motion so that you can begin moving forward in your physical therapy journey.


Combining Infrared/Far-Infrared Therapy and PEMF to Enhance Both Therapies

Infrared light therapy is a type of therapy that has been utilized for centuries in order to help people relieve chronic pain issues and improve their blood circulation.

Infrared light waves are invisible light waves that we encounter on a daily basis.

Although we cannot see them, we can feel them in the form of heat.

The usage of this heat in infrared or far-infrared therapy through tools such as saunas, lamps, and mats, allows the energy produced by these light rays to be absorbed into our tissues so that it can heal our body from issues such as the ones mentioned above.

Because PEMF is also an effective treatment that helps with pain management, using both PEMF and infrared or far-infrared therapy will enhance the benefits of the similar practices, allowing the individual to improve their treatment and experience much less pain in-between both PEMF and infrared or far-infrared therapy sessions.


Using PEMF to Improve Biofeedback Therapy Results

Unlike many alternative forms of treatment, biofeedback therapy is a unique therapy that requires the individual to control their body.

This practice specifically refers to controlling involuntary bodily processes such as heart rate, muscle tension, and blood pressure.

Through the assistance of a specialist in the biofeedback therapy field, individuals are monitored through electrodes and will be given instruction on how they can begin to control these processes to an extent.

Through practice and with time, the individual engaging in the therapy will begin to learn how to control these bodily functions.

Much like with psychological therapy, going to a PEMF session prior to engaging in a biofeedback therapy session will help to relax the body and mind, making the individual more mindful and better able to focus on controlling these involuntary bodily processes.


Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Therapy, and How they Work with PEMF for Pain

When one is trying to manage their pain levels, relaxation is often the main goal.

Chiropractic therapies and massage therapies seek to relax patients through different methods.

On one side, chiropractors relieve pain by realigning the spine and correcting any internal issues.

On the other side, massage therapists work to relieve tension in the muscles and stimulate blood flow.

Due to the relaxing properties of PEMF, massage, and chiropractic therapy go hand in hand with PEMF.

This increases the benefits of all these therapies, making it very efficient if you go to a PEMF session prior to a massage or chiropractic session or vice versa.

A combination of PEMF and these two therapies will result in faster improvement overall.


Opening Up the Body to Hydrotherapy with PEMF

Aptly named, hydrotherapy is a type of therapy that uses water in order to heal the body.

Within the broad spectrum of hydrotherapy exist numerous types of therapies.

For example, whirlpools will use rapidly moving heated water while balneotherapy will attempt to heal individuals through the use of spring baths.

The reason why hydrotherapy is so effective is due to their ability to improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and relax the body in mind.

These benefits will often vary depending on the type of hydrotherapy that is practiced on a patient and the type of water that is used in the process.

Because PEMF charges the cells within your body, partaking in a session before using hydrotherapy will make the cells more receptive and improve the benefits experienced during a hydrotherapy session.


Making Cells More Receptive by Combining Ozone Therapy with PEMF

Ozone therapy is exactly what it sounds like

Scientists have discovered that the ozone layer, which is a layer that makes up part of the earth’s atmosphere, has a mixture of gasses and liquids that are rich in oxygen and can be used to treat diseases such as AIDs, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

Using this knowledge, specialists who practice ozone therapy prepare this mixture of gases and liquids and inject them into patients to provide them with the desired benefits.

Using PEMF before being injected by this mixture will help to make the cells more receptive and improve the ozone therapy treatment.


Helping to Make Light Therapy Effective Through PEMF

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, is the practice of using artificial light to treat a variety of different disorders such as sleeping disorders, skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis, and a type of depression known as a seasonal affective disorder that results from a lack of sunlight.

While light therapy does have some benefits, these benefits are often limited as light cannot penetrate too deep into the tissue, and clothes worn during therapy sessions will often prevent artificial light from reaching the skin.

PEMF helps to improve this process in two ways.

Firstly, PEMF helps to stimulate the cells and allow the light to reach further into the body, enhancing the benefits of the treatment.

Secondly, PEMF has a host of benefits on its own that will make up for any lack of benefits that are experienced throughout the course of someone’s light therapy.

If you must engage in light therapy, PEMF is a great addition to the process.


The Opposite Nature of Laser Therapy and PEMF and their Combined Benefits

Laser therapy is a type of therapy that focuses beams of light of specific wavelengths to tackle a health problem.

Laser therapy is by no means an alternative form of treatment and is used quite often in surgeries.

For example, lasers are commonly used now to do things such as improve a person’s vision, shrink a tumor, treat pain, and remove kidney stones, just to name a few.

However, lasers that are used in these laser therapies have such a high frequency that they are not capable of reaching deep within tissues to solve health problems.

Since PEMF utilizes low frequencies, the two complement each other to make for an extremely versatile treatment plan.


The Opposite of Allopathy: Naturopathy and Homeopathy and PEMF

Naturopathy and homeopathy, two practices that are the complete opposite of allopathy, focuses on improving the health of a person as a whole rather than isolating and treating specific diseases or ailments.

In addition, naturopathy and homeopathy tend to use natural remedies in order to improve the health of an individual rather than relying on synthetic medications.

If you are someone who prefers to avoid conventional medication at all costs, using PEMF along with naturopathy or homeopathy can provide you with the results you need without having to turn to chemical-based medications.

Overall, PEMF has a host of benefits that can target and alleviate your health problems.

In addition to this treatment, however, there are plenty of therapies complementary to PEMF that will allow you to enhance these benefits and increase the efficiency of your treatment process.

Using the list above, you will be better able to decide what will work best for you and how you can combine it with your existing PEMF sessions.

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