The Science And History Of The Beautiful Amethyst Stone

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When it comes to wellness, then the amethyst has a long history for many cultures.

As well as it being a stunning gemstone to look at, a number of cultures have used it throughout time for its purification and energy properties.

Even to this day, it is still used for this purpose.

During the times of the ancient Egyptians, when the empire was at its most powerful, the army would wear this amazing stone to give them protection while fighting.

Chinese medicine is well known for using many natural products, and amethyst was ground down so that people could consume it in order to help with mental issues and pain.

The Romans and Greeks would use drinking goblets made from amethyst, as it was reported to prevent intoxication.

The word amethyst goes back to the ancient Greeks, and it means “not toxicated”.

Eventually, this wonderful stone spread all over Europe, and during the Middle Ages, it was used to lower anxiety, and to soothe anger in people.

Leonardo da Vinci was well known for making use of this stone.

During the Renaissance years, he thought that it helped him to keep a balanced mind, remove poisons from the body, and get rid of evil thoughts.

Although eating amethyst is no longer recommended, it is not toxic.

Alternative medical practitioners use this gem today in order to help with immune deficiencies, addiction and toxicity.

Modern science likes to look closely at everything to understand what is really going on, and this gemstone has come under a lot of scrutiny.

Research has shown that it actually has conductive properties, and these are thought to help the body to channel energy.

The designers of the HealthyLine InfraMat Pro  use amethyst to cover the parallel channels on the surface.

The InfraMat Pro helps to amplify, up to seven inches into the body, the negative ions and far infrared rays that it produces.

Thanks to the research of modern science, some of the myths of this stone have been shown to be true.

We know that hangovers will not be prevented just by drinking from a goblet made from amethyst, but the InfraMat Pro will aid with detoxification of the body.