Lay your mat down on a flat surface such as a bed, massage table or floor.

Slip the optional waterproof cover onto your mat.

Plug one end of the controller into your mat and then plug the other end into an outlet.

Turn the power on and adjust your timer to choose the desired time.

Suggested Temperature Settings

35-40C: Appropriate if you have conditions sensitive to heat. Also good for extended (overnight) use. Provides regenerative sleep and recovery. Gives deep relaxation.

45-55C: Cycles of 2 hours or more. Good for fitness and flexibility training. Helps with cardio and your respiratory system, blood pressure and sugar regulation.

55-65C: Cycles of 30-90 minutes (maximum twice per day) help with stress, tension, anxiety, and trauma relief. Increases joint, muscle, and weak tissue support, pain relief, deep relaxation, and mood. Improves the immune system and helps detoxification.

65-70C: Cycles of 30-60 minutes (maximum once per day) provide sauna-level cleansing and detoxification of heavy metals and cellular waste. Stimulates natural weight loss, aids metabolism, and improves healthy blood circulation.


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EMF shielding is provided on all units. HealthyLine is FDA registered.

Drink more water when you use the mat. The detoxification process requires you to be very hydrated.

A mat lasts much longer if you keep it flat. It is best used on a bed or t he floor, but you can move and fold it if needed.

Try to not get the mat wet. It is water resistant, but if you cover it with our cover or any towel it will generally stay clean. If you need to clean it, unplug it and use a wet towel.

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