Inframat Pro Safety Precautions

It is important to properly use any device to ensure its functionality for many years to come. It is also important to understand how to keep yourself safe while using the device. Please take time to properly familiarize yourself with the information on this page before using your InfraMat Pro. It is the owner’s responsibility that all individuals who may use the mat are aware of the correct procedures.

1. Please follow Safety Precautions at all times when using your heating pad (mat).

2. Use your mat on flat surfaces. Soft and flexible models can be used on any reasonably flat surface, while firm models should be used on flat surfaces only. A bed, floor, or massage table makes for an ideal spot. Belts, vests, pillows, and other special units are easy to operate and can be used in various positions. See relevant product pages for each unit for proper operation.

3. When using your mat in a bed or chair, we recommend placing a bath towel between the backside of the mat and the surface of the bed/chair as the backside of the mat may slightly heat up.

4. Cover the mat to protect it from moisture and stains at all times, as well as to protect your body from direct contact with hot gemstones, or to alleviate some heat if the surface is too hot for you. Feel free to use a cover, towel, or blanket. Using a cover also helps gemstones to heat up faster.

5. When you cover your mat, always cover the entire surface. Do not partially cover your mat in any way. Partial coverage can cause the heat sensors to malfunction.

6. Never leave any objects on any part of the mat surface while the mat is heating, especially the controller. This can lead to uneven surface heating and possible damage to the mat or heat damage to the object that is placed on the mat.

7. Do not attempt to take apart or open the mat or controller for any reason. If an issue arises, please contact our customer service team right away.

8. We recommend you always use a surge protector. The wattage of the surge protector should be twice higher than that of the mat.

9. Never use pins or other metallic fasteners to hold a mat in place.

10. Do not handle the plug with wet hands.

11. Keep the controller ventilated to prevent it from overheating. Do not put the controller on soft or plush surfaces that may cover the vents. If the device overheats due to missus, turn off the heat and place the controller on a table or other firm surface.

12. If you have any preexisting conditions that may be cause for concern, or if you have heart disease, hypertension, or any other serious medical condition you should consult with a doctor before using this or any other medical device.

13. We suggest starting the first few sessions with 104°F (40°C) for 30-minute sessions, a few times a week.

14. Gradually adjust the temperature/time settings until you find a comfortable level. Just pay attention to how you feel at different temperature settings.

15. We recommend avoiding heat therapy if you have vascular disease, deep vein thrombosis, or multiple sclerosis.

16. You can use your mat multiple times a day with low and medium settings. However, you should limit heat treatment at maximum temperature to 30-60 minutes sessions per day to prevent dehydration and hyperthermia.

17. Stay hydrated. It is important to drink plenty of water before and after using the mat. If you use the mat at higher temperatures and do not drink enough water, it may lead to the body’s water balance disturbance.

18. Those who are pregnant, nursing, or have a pacemaker should not be exposed to the increased heat from the mat.

19. PEMF therapy is not suitable for those who are pregnant or individuals with a pacemaker.

20. Always unplug and power down the mat completely before folding it to put away.

21. Never unplug the mat by pulling on the cord. Turn off the controller; drag by the plug the power cord out of the socket; firmly hold the plastic connector on the device, and firmly but carefully pull from side to side the controller plug connected to the device until it completely comes out of the connector on the device.

22. Only fold the mat in its predetermined positions.

23. Do not immerse in water.

24. Do not use an electrical outlet that has become loose or does not engage the power plug tightly.

25. Do not remove product labels.

26. Do not use the mat with liniment, salve, or ointment preparations that contain heat-producing ingredients as it may result in skin burns.

27. Do not leave your mat unattended while it is powered on, especially if children are present.