TAO-MAT-7224P (PEMF) InfraMat Pro™

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Product is FDA registered in the USA

Made by USA company Healthy Line™

  • Net weight 29 lbs (14 kg); comes with a carrying case
  • Full Body size 72″ x 24″ x 1.5″ (180 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm)
  • About 15 lb of top quality amethyst + 2 lb of tourmaline ceramic + 2 lb of natural obsidian + PEMF
  • Build in 7.8 Hz PEMF. Operated independently (20/100 min cycle)  
  • LED display controller to set the desired temperature up to 70° Celsius (158° Fahrenheit) and 3-6-12-hour auto shutoff timer to allow all-night sleep setting
  • New generation NO EMF heating wire + extra layers of EMF-blocking materials built in the mat
  • Negative ion level at least 1500/cc, FIR 5-14 um
  • Made of at least 18 layers with different functions
  • High-quality, nontoxic materials
  • Made for USA power 110-120V (also available in 220-240V European power upon request), 230W power
  • 45-day free trial. You can return it for any reason (in the same new condition) and get 100% money back; you only pay shipping cost
  • 1 year free full USA warranty 



TAO = Tourmaline + Amethyst + Obsidian.


TAO mats have Obsidian instead of jade. Black obsidian is known as a protective stone that removes negative energy from the area. The TAO combination is good if you don’t want/need the photon lights from the TAJ mats. TAO mats also have the highest proportion of amethyst, making them a comfortable choice. The amethyst is used as small pieces so they tend to be more comfortable than mats made from large pieces of tourmaline or jade. Amethyst, as a gemstone, is more valuable so mats with amethyst are more expensive. All natural amethyst is used and different colors don’t affect healing properties. Amethyst is known to give a calming effect. This mat has the added benefit of PEMF.


Sized at 72” x 24” you can lay your entire body on it while you are awake and lying still. If you wish to sleep on it and remain on it while you roll over, consider a larger mat. Use it on the floor or on top of your bed.


HealthyLine mats incorporate a few different systems that reach the common goal of improved health. Each HealthyLine mat provides negative ions, far infrared rays, and heated gemstones. The gemstones naturally emit negative ions and far infrared, and when heated the stones become activated and provide benefits at a greater level. This is made possible with many functional layers. Essentially, a wire that heats up goes through the mat. That wire is lined with silicon coating that filters bad EMFs from the mat. Additional layers help with heat distribution so the mat heats up evenly all throughout. The bottom layer is a waterproof material, while the top layer is high-quality synthetic leather.

PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a process of applying magnetic fields to the body. It is used to help with joint repair, blood circulation, and brain function. Frequencies between 0 Hz to 100 Hz (Hz is a measure of cycles per minute) have been found to be beneficial. HealthyLine uses a frequency of 7.8 Hz which is the same frequency as the earth’s magnetic field which also helps to reverse the effects of the harmful EMFs caused by electronic waves such as radio towers and cellular data. The PEMF function operates at cycles of 20 minutes powered followed by 100 minutes turned off: this cycle has shown to be most effective. At 3 gauss the magnetic field has the same strength from the surface of that mat up to 3 feet above it, so it will reach your entire body.


For a sauna effect use the mat at 60-70C for about 30 minutes, while covered with a blanket. For extended use set it to about 45-55C, according to your comfort. It is suggested to place a towel on the mat to protect it from sweat. Human body temperature is approximately 38 degrees Celsius so that would be an ideal point to start. Gradually increase the temperature to test your tolerance. Set your temperature lower for longer usage and higher for shorter periods. Always drink lots of water before, during, and after use to prevent physical effects of dehydration. Safe for pets and children.

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 24 x 5 in



Amethyst, Tourmaline, Obsidian

Additional Functions


5 reviews for TAO-MAT-7224P (PEMF) InfraMat Pro™

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Great thing to ease muscles soreness after work-outs but I had some troubles with figuring out how to use the controller.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    My daughter had been very sickly child, but then I decided not just treat her but strengthen her immunity. So, as a part of the plan I bought this mat. Now we forgot about neverending colds and flus. All my family uses this device and we feel more energetic. And now I sleep like a baby!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Can’t say nothing bad about the mat, all said in the description is true. I’m 100% satisfied!

  4. (verified owner):

    I have had my TAO mat for about three weeks now and I absolutely love it. I use it daily myself and I also use it on my massage therapy clients. It is the most relaxing experience and I fall asleep on it very quickly. As a massage therapist, my forearms and fingers get very tight during the day and laying on the mat with the infrared and PEMF settings on for even 30 minutes after I get home releases most of the tension built up during the day. My clients love it too and I have noticed that my clients get to a a deeply relaxed state very quickly, especially when the PEMF setting is on (one of my clients fell asleep so deeply that it took me a while to actually wake them up and get moving after the session was over). It is heavy to carry around because of the crystals so get a cart if you have to move it frequently like I do. I use a soft mat on top of it because I personally find it too hard to sleep on directly. Highly recommended!!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The matt is amazing, definitely activates the bodies healing response and induces relaxation. My clients love the added healing benefits of using the matt during a massage or reiki treatment.

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  • Recommended size for everyone
  • Fully loaded bestselling model good for the entire family
  • Comes with PEMF therapy capabilities
  • Lined edge to edge with tourmaline, amethyst, and jade
  • Provides exceptional full body therapy
  • Sleep on it overnight
  • Relaxes the body into a state more receptive to other therapies
  • Releases tension in the muscles and joints
  • No photon light therapy
  • PEMF causes it to be less flexible and more firm
  • Cannot be bent
  • Heavy and hard to move around
  • Requires a decent amount of storage space
  • Can only be used on flat surfaces