RAINBOW-P-L (PEMF) InfraMat Pro®

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Medical device manufacturer registered with FDA

Made by USA company HealthyLine®

  • Size: Large 74″ x 28″ (185 cm x 70 cm)
  • Box Size: 29″ x 25″ x 6″ (74 cm x 64 cm x 15 cm)
  • Weight: 44 lbs (20 kg); comes with a carrying case
  • Box Weight: 32 lbs (15 kg)
  • Gemstones: 3.3 lbs of Amethyst, 3.3 lbs of Sodalite, 7.7 lbs of Blue Lace Agate, 3.3 lbs of Green Aventurine, 3.3 lbs of Yellow Aventurine, 3.3 lbs of Carnelian, 3.3 Lbs of Red Jasper
  • Additional Features: PEMF, Chakra Balancing and Cleansing Therapy
  • Negative ion level: At least 700/cc
  • Far infrared level: At least 5-14 um
  • PEMF Frequency: 7.8 Hz, operated independently
  • LED display controller: Set temperature up to 70 °C (160 °F)
  • Number of layers: 20 functional layers
  • EMF Protection: Advanced filtration system and extra EMF-blocking layers 
  • Materials: High-quality, nontoxic
  • Voltage: USA power 110-120V, 120W (available in 220-240V upon request)
  • Trial Period: 45-day trial for free returns (shipping cost not included)
  • Warranty: Free 1 year full USA warranty

Chakras Rainbow Mat


Introducing the world’s first ever Chakra Rainbow Mat! This marvelous accessory is beautiful and functional on its own, but we make it extra special by including 7 natural crystals that are integrated with PEMF (Pulsed Electrometric Fields). These frequencies are the same as our planet Earth at 7.83Hz. This causes the crystals to release their natural energy.

You can feel the difference quickly as changes occur deep inside you. The Chakra Rainbow Mat cleanses and aligns your Seven Chakras for better happiness and general well-being.


This is a full-sized mat suitable for your entire body. At 74″ x 28″, it fits standard massage tables.


Crown Chakra  – Amethyst releases energy to help with physical ailments, emotional and issues. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra.

Third Eye Chakra – Sodalite brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks.  It helps with enhancing self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-trust. On the physical level, Sodalite can help balance your wellness levels and overcome calcium deficiencies.

Throat Chakra – Blue Lace Agate has power over the throat, it assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. Blue Lace Agate helps with symptoms associated with thyroid deficiencies and throat/lymph infections.

Heart Chakra – Green Aventurine helps settle nausea and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. It supports efforts to balance blood pressure, normalizing cholesterol.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow Aventurine can help focus intentions manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself, in addition to increasing levels of abundance and prosperity. Also aiding in overcoming any feelings of problems with power and control over your own life.

Sacral Chakra- Carnelian gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success.  Carnelian supports the temporary relief of lower back problems, rheumatism, and arthritis

Base Chakra – Red Jasper Brings problems to light and provides insights into difficult situations, calms the emotions and aids in dream recall.  Red Jasper is rumored to help detoxify the circulatory system, blood, and liver.


Now you can positively affect every part of your body by knowing how to use the 7 primary chakras. From sleeping better to soothing negative thoughts, this remarkable tool opens the door to this amazing world. Get your Chakras Rainbow Mat today!


Additional information

Weight 45 lbs

Rainbow, Amethyst



Additional Functions



110V, 220V

5 reviews for RAINBOW-P-L (PEMF) InfraMat Pro®

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This mat is perfection – the design, the controller, and, of course, its fantastic benefits! I suffer from Lyme disease, this device helps me to relieve the pain in my back and the whole body. I also experience wonderful relaxation, my sleep has improved.
    I think this mat is very reasonable investment in one’s health and wellness.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This mat is worth every penny spent on it! I had rheumatoid arthritis and that caused me awful pains I couldn’t stand anymore. Once, I was advised to try infrared heat to alleviate my condition. I read many reviews, almost all of them were positive but I never thought it would be so good!
    My pain was not just eased, in the course of time, it was gone completely. I’m endlessly glad I bought this mat!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    We bought this mat for the whole our family: I had lower back issues, my husband suffered from sleeping disorders, our daughter just needed relaxation after working out hard…We decided to take this one as it’s the best and can provide us with everything we need. Also, I love how it looks 🙂
    I can say it really works and works well, we got everything we wanted and even more – now we are super-energetic family. Though, this device is a little bit pricey…But I’m sure we are going to use it for years.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The healing power of amethyst and other stones in this mat is wonderful and unbelievable ! It solved all my health issues, helped me fight insomnia and cured my muscle and joint pain.
    I recommended this product to my sister who works out a lot, and now she uses her own mat and feels great!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    With my history of almost lifelong autoimmune disease, this mat is an irreplaceable device for me. It helps me to alleviate symptoms of the disease, comforts and brings relaxation. My sleep has improved, I feel better and better each day I use the mat!

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  • Ideal size for full body therapy
  • Perfect for sleeping on overnight
  • Benefit from 7 natural crystals
  • Balance and cleanse chakra points
  • Enhance the effectiveness of Reiki therapy
  • Fully functional PEMF therapy system
  • Improve general physical, mental, and spiritual well-being
  • Low level far infrared and negative ion exposure
  • 20+ multifunctional layers
  • Very heavy and hard to move around (44 lbs.)
  • Firm surface; not flexible
  • Can only be used on a flat surface
  • No photon light therapy
  • Very low level far infrared and negative ion exposure