Rainbow Chakra MatTM 3rd Edition Bundle

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Rainbow Chakra Mat™ Bundle

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with our Rainbow Chakra Mat™ 3rd Edition Bundle!

This bundle includes our best solutions for holistic health and wellness. Included is our Rainbow Chakra Mat™ 3rd Edition (available in 40×24 to 74×28 inch sizes), Negative Ion Generator, and Magnetic Energy Bracelet.

Our Rainbow Chakra Mat™ is our signature gemstone mat for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Each mat is made of a surface of seven gemstones designed to realign and remove energetic blockages to each of the seven chakra points within you. They also include all 5 therapies we offer (including far infrared heat, rainbow photon lights, and PEMF) to ease muscle tension and improve wellness at a cellular level!

Also included is our Negative Ion Generator, which cleanses the air around you by releasing millions of negative ions. You’ll even get a Magnetic Energy Bracelet, our wearable wellness solution, which improves mood and energy levels throughout the day.

Naturally improve your mind, body, and soul with our Rainbow Chakra Mat™ 3rd Edition Bundle!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 5-Year Extended Warranty applies only to the selected Rainbow Chakra Mat™ 3rd Edition. TAO-Mat® Pillow Soft InfraMat Pro®  has a regular 1 Year Warranty.

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Model Lines

Rainbow Series (Unique Amazing 7-in-1)

Size Mat Bundle

Rainbow Chakra Mat 4020 Small, Rainbow Chakra Mat 5024 Medium, Rainbow Chakra Mat 7428 Large, Rainbow Chakra Mat Chair 5318, Rainbow Chakra Mat Chair 5718

Additional Functions

PEMF, Photon

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