Mesh JT Mat King 8076 Firm
InfraMat Pro®

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Experience restful sleep like never before! Sleep like a king on the largest mesh model we offer.
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Mesh JT Mat King 8076 Firm
InfraMat Pro®

InfraMat Pro®
3 review(s)

With its generous 80” x 76” dimensions, the Mesh Mat King provides the ultimate sleeping experience that will have you feeling like a member of the royal family. Line your king-sized mattress with a relaxing heated surface that will cradle you to sleep and soothe your muscle tension. A durable mesh lining holds these gemstones in place reducing the stiffness and overall weight of the device. The Mesh JT King Mat’s inclusion of round gemstones creates a surface that activates the pressure points in your neck, back, legs, and shoulder to release maximum tension. Customize your entire experience with an easy to use LED controller capable of setting the temperature to the exact degree up to 70°C (155°F). Due to its large size, we recommend using this mat either on top of a king-sized mattress or on the floor. They say we spend 1/3 of our lives asleep, and now you can spend that same 1/3 maintaining your wellness with the Mesh JT King Mat.

Specifications & Features

The Specifications:

  • Approx. Size: 80″ x 76″ x 1.2″ (200 cm x 190 cm x 3 cm)
  • Approx. Weight: 49 lbs (22 kg); comes with a carrying case
  • Negative Ion Levels: At least 700/cc
  • Far Infrared Levels: At least 5-14 um
  • LED Display Controller: Time and Temperature settings, 12-hour auto shutoff timer
  • EMF Protection: Advanced filtration system and extra EMF-blocking layers
  • Number of layers: Up to 21 functional layers
  • Materials: High-quality, nontoxic
  • Voltage: USA power 110-120V, 500W
  • UPC: 811249030297
  • SKU: 014-mJT-K

The Features:

  • 441 jade gemstones
  • 441 tourmaline gemstones
  • Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy
  • Calming Negative Ion Therapy
  • Deep Penetrating Far Infrared Rays Therapy

The Recommended Uses:

  • Sized for king mattresses
  • Sleep on it overnight
  • Tension relief in muscles
  • Soothing relief in joints

The Guarantee:

  • Used by doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals
  • Over 500,000 satisfied customers to date
  • 45-day free trial: if aren’t satisfied, get the full price of the product back
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lifetime trade-in and upgrade policy


  • A full-sized mat that offers flexibility and relaxation
  • Big enough for two people to use at the same time
  • Individual left and right side heat controls
  • Enhanced flexibility allows for use on non-flat surfaces
  • Large stones activate pressure points on the body to provide increased release of tension and stress
  • Great value for a mat this size
  • Sized to fit a king bed

Things to Consider:

  • Only folds in predetermined positions
  • Heavy and hard to move around a lot
  • No PEMF therapy
  • No photon light therapy
  • No amethyst

Understanding the Complex Natural Therapies

Understanding the complex natural therapies:

Relax your mind and body with hot stone therapy:

  • Provides a spa experience in the comfort of your own home
  • Feel hot stones against your skin as they relax your muscles
  • Scientifically linked to lower levels of tension and anxiety
  • Makes the body more receptive to massage therapy and chiropractic work
  • Heated gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions
  • Improves the effectiveness of other natural therapies in your mat
  • Stone surface impacts pressure points on your body to relieve tension

Manage pain with far infrared therapy:

• The invisible form of light commonly received from sunlight
• Far infrared rays are vital to human life
• Rays penetrate 4-6 inches into the body’s tissues
• Can temporarily decrease pain, inflammation, and stiffness
• Temporarily increase localized blood circulation where applied

Negative ion therapy has positive effects on your wellness:

  • Nature’s purifiers—clearing your surroundings of harmful agents
  • Counteracts positive ion disturbances
  • Attracts harmful airborne particles and pulls them to the ground
  • Tourmaline releases the largest quantity negative ions
  • Guide the body along a path of detoxification of excess waste
  • Cleanse your mind; improve the quality of your wellness

Discover Our Semi Precious Stones



  • Helps the body function more efficiently by returning your energy and mood levels closer to normal
  • Jade emits a low heat that produces a calming sensation good for relaxation and meditation
  • We utilize all natural jade mined in China that is cut and polished to the ideal size found on your mat
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  • Produces the greatest amount of negative ions
  • Improves the body's ability to recover energy and detoxify itself
  • Fragile in structure, potent in benefits
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Powered Heating Pads Benefits Approved by FDA:

  1. Heating pads, manufactured and/or imported by registered with FDA facilities, are intended to be used for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis; the temporary relief of muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains, and minor muscular back pain; the relaxation of muscles; and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied. (K072534) Link to FDA

Far Infrared Lamps Benefits Approved by FDA:

  1. Far infrared lamps (devices that emit rays in far infrared spectrum) manufactured and/or imported by registered with FDA facilities are intended to be used for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains and minor muscular back pain; muscular relaxation; and the temporary increase of local circulation where applied (K092589) Link to FDA

The Functionality of Your Mat:

Each HealthyLine mat contains up to 21 layers that regulate the complex wellness-enhancing experience. These layers do things such as generate penetrating heat, regulate temperatures, provide PEMF, and make your mat more durable. The next step in the process is embedding the mats with pounds of pure natural gemstones. When heated, these gemstones release far infrared rays and negative ions that penetrate deep into your body’s core. These processes assist in normalizing your body’s functionality. This series utilizes large firm gemstones and a mesh lining. You want a mat that is easy to use and flexible, and that’s why you want the JT Mesh.

How it is made:

Your mat is made under careful 24/7 supervision in factories of our own design. We purchase gemstones in extremely high quantities, and as a result, we can provide your mat at a fraction of its real value. We take your concerns very seriously, and as such we will not offer you anything that doesn’t exceed our level of standards and testing.

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3 reviews for Mesh JT Mat King 8076 Firm InfraMat Pro®

  1. Avatar

    (verified owner):

    I’ve been using heating pads and mats for years, some were nice and efficient and some — weren’t. But this one is definitely the best mat I’ve had. The relaxation and calmness it brings are beyond words!
    I’ve really become addicted to its warmth and the energy it fills me with. Not the relaxation only is the reason I’m so impressed, the mat has strong healing properties. My knee pain is gone, that was never achieved by the other mat I used.

  2. Avatar

    (verified owner):

    I bought this mat for my elderly mother who had arthritis, the discomfort she experienced was almost unbearable. In 3 weeks her conditions improved greatly, after one more month of using the mat, she got rid of the pain almost completely.
    Although, she finds it too tough to sleep on.

  3. Avatar

    (verified owner):

    This mat is magical so many benefits from using it like blood flow improvement, muscle ache relief, calms the nerves and easy to use.

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