Cotton top padded waterproof cover for Queen mat 80″x60″

Product Code: CWC-8060

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Padded cotton waterproof cover for heating mat Queen size 80″ x 60″.

Material is not blocking negative ions or infrared rays.

Top – 100% cotton / Bottom – medical grade polyester 100% waterproof.

About 3 mm thick.



This 3 mm thick padded cotton cover is intended to protect your HealthyLine mat from sweat and dirt, protect your skin from hot stones, and to make the mat surface more comfortable. Fits mats sized at 80” x 60”. The top is made with 100% cotton, while the bottom is medical grade polyester that is 100% waterproof. These materials do not block negative ions and far infrared.

Sold only to HealthyLine mat customers or bundled together with a mat purchase.

Cover is non-returnable. No warranty after first use. Gentle wash only.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 20 x 20 x 5 in
Cover Size

80" x 60"




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