Century 12 Hour Mechanical Timer


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Be in charge of how long you want to experience the wellness benefits of HealthyLine products. This 12-hour timer will help you stay on schedule.


  • Turn Lamps, small appliances, Christmas trees and other electrical devices OFF automatically
  • Manual constant ON override switch
  • One time countdown
  • On/timer mode selection
  • Compatible with household CFL bulbs
  • One outlet
  • 125V 60HZ 15A


  1. Ensure the slide switch knob on the side is set in the (TIMER) position.
  2. Set the Max.countdown time by roating the timer wheel clockwise as indicated until the correct time is aligned with the clock needle.
  3. Plug appliance into timer, plug timer into wall socket. Don’t forget to switch the socket and appliance.
  4. The timer can be overridden at any timer(switched permanently on), by moving the switch knob.

An InfraMat Pro controller will remain on for 12 hours unless you press the Power button to turn it off. To get it to shut off automatically after a shorter period, add the easy-to-use power timer. Plug the timer into the wall outlet, then plug the mat into the timer. Set the timer for the desired period—one hour, two hours, or any other period up to 12 hours—and after that time, it will shut off the flow of power to the mat. A three-prong power timer is available on our website, or you can find one at any hardware store or online.

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