Magnetic Energy Comforters

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Discover the unique blend of luxury bedding materials, magnetic therapy, and natural therapies to ensure that you get the best night of sleep, every night. Choose between four luxurious fillings: cotton, wool, silk, and cashmere. Each filling is held together with a comfortable 300-thread count cotton exterior that matches the quality of many top brands on the market. Each duvet comforter has 100 permanent magnets that form a magnetic field around you while you sleep each night. This field stimulates the brain to regulate your serotonin levels to help you sleep. Woven into the fabric is a HealthyLine-patented tourmaline fiber that is created through a 7-step deconstruction process. When you lie under the duvet comforter your body’s natural body heat triggers the tourmaline fiber to release far infrared rays and negative ions. These two natural therapies work throughout the whole night to refresh the mind and body and ensure that you always wake up ready to start the next day right. Order your Energy Duvet Comforter today and never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again.