Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Tourmaline Mats

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Similar to jade, the tourmaline gemstones we use in our mats are typically larger polished round stones. This cut of stones allows for a deeper impact into tense muscles up and down the body. The other kinds of tourmaline gemstone we use are crushed. The crushed stones are found in some of our model popular models such as the TAO and the SOFT. This option is used to enhance the comfort of the surface for the user, while still offering the same wellness benefits always associated with tourmaline. Tourmaline is known to have a revitalizing effect that is opposite to that of amethyst. This is due, in part, to tourmaline’s natural ability to release high concentrations of negative ions. This high ionic output stimulates the energy levels in the body and the clarity of the mind so that the user will feel refreshed. This sort of experience can be expected regardless of the presence of round or crushed stones. People who choose a mat that consists entirely out of tourmaline often deal with issues of low energy or even depression in some cases. Just like all our other natural gemstones, tourmaline releases far infrared rays. When used simultaneously with the other stones, the wellness effects received are amplified. Re-energize yourself with a tourmaline mat today!