TAJ Series Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Mats

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The TAJ model blends the effects of tourmaline, amethyst, and jade to channel several natural therapies. There is no series that provides more natural therapies than the TAJ series. When activated, a TAJ model blends far infrared rays, negative ions, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, photon lights, and hot stone therapy. This potent combination offers the most benefits to accommodate the widest array of wellness issues. The controller allows for the user to set the temperature to their exact degree of comfort and it also lets them operate the PEMF and photon lights independently. The TAJ is available in multiple full-sized models including one designed specifically for medical professionals to integrate into their wellness routines for their clients. The medium-sized model is recommended for those who plan to move their mats around frequently, especially those that travel a lot. The TAJ chair is one of the few chair models in our product line. It is the only chair model that offers photon light and PEMF at the same time. It is great for using while working to prevent back pain, while relaxing and watching TV, or for use in cars on commutes or taxi driving. Choosing a TAJ model means choosing a luxury model that offers the most efficient and all-encompassing wellness experience.