Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Obsidian Mats

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The pitch black color of obsidian has drawn people to it for centuries. Dating back to ancient civilizations, obsidian has been used for everything from carved-out weapons to charms for warding off negative spiritual energy. Obsidian is the only gemstone that HealthyLine uses that does not emit naturally far infrared rays or negative ions, but it still possesses properties that relate to the improvement of physical well-being. Obsidian is used to amplify the efficiency of amethyst, jade, and tourmaline. It is a gemstone found only in our TAO series that uses crushed gemstones. Obsidian breaks apart better than jade, offers a more comfortable experience for the user, and provides benefits of its own. The other reason we use obsidian is because of its composition. Obsidian is born naturally from volcanic run-off. During hot stone relaxation sessions, a massage therapist will place black stones on the pressure points of their patients. These black stones are typically Basalt, a different volcanic rock, but sometimes they will use obsidian. When you use the TAO’s heating function, it warms up the obsidian and uses the weight of your body to press into and relax the muscles along your back just like a hot stone therapy session. Explore the mysterious nature of the obsidian gemstones, and see what it can do for you.