Mixed Stones Products

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Each natural gemstone that we use provides a slight variation of benefits when heated. Amethyst is well-known to offer a calming sensation, tourmaline is revitalizing, jade is balanced, and other stones offer benefits of their own. As a result, using a model with mixed stones blends these benefits together into one harmonious experience for the user. HealthyLine products offer many variations of gemstones so that there is an option for every preference. You can find 2-stone combinations, 3-stone combinations, 4-stone combinations, and 7-stone combinations. Our most popular models are typically 3-stone models; this includes TAO and TAJ. 2-stone combinations use larger and firmer gemstones and fall under what we consider the Acupressure products. 4-stone products are some of our newest models that use entirely crushed stones for more comfort and flexibility. Our Rainbow series is a unique product line that blends 7 natural gemstones that pair with the 7 chakras for balancing and cleansing. Gemstones are an integral part of the experience; they are responsible for the delivering heat and releasing far infrared and negative ions. Choosing the proper mixture of gemstones can greatly influence the comfort, the quality, and the response your body has to the sessions of the mat. Choose a mixed stone mat and give yourself the most advanced experience to date.