Medium Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Mats

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Medium mats can accomplish more than our smaller mats, but don’t quite size up to the full potential of a larger model. Almost every single series comes in the medium size which means that you can get basic models or models with advanced natural therapies such as pulsed electromagnetic fields and photon lights. You can also get any combination of gemstones you desire, even the Rainbow variation. Benefits are not the main decision-making factors when it comes to medium mats; instead, it is the niche sizing that satisfies the many needs of people. When you choose a medium mat you get a product that weighs about 12 pounds. Compared to larger models that can run upwards of 40 pounds, this is extremely manageable. Not only are they easy to move around, but medium mats don’t require a lot of storage space in between uses. If you want to manage areas of pain the back, stomach, or other isolated smaller areas of the body, then look no further than a medium-sized mat. Get all the benefits of far infrared heat, negative ions, PEMF, and even in some cases, photon lights, all without the stress of a product that requires a lot space and may be hard to move around. Achieve deep relaxation, muscle and joint pain relief, and intense detoxification at the same time. Focus your recovery where you need it with a medium mat.